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Mar 21, 2010 12:39 PM

German Chocolate cake frosting

It's a lazy Sunday so I thought I would bake a German Chocolate cake. I have all but one ingredient SO has anyone successfully substituted chopped almonds for pecans in the frosting?

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  1. There's no reason not to use whatever kind of nut you happen to have.

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    1. re: greygarious

      Ditto - just don't forget the coconut

        1. re: petitgateau

          Thanks all for your replies. @ petitgateau - what is CI? Perhaps Culinary Institute?

          1. re: kemi5

            Cook's Illustrated magazine. Not using acronyms unless the term has already been fully spelled out in previous posts on the particular thread is a courtesy I wish more Chowhounds practiced.

    2. much thanks greygarious. ahhh...I might have known but I don't subscribe to that magazine any longer. I did see that CI has a free, albeit limited on-line recipe search which I promptly bookmarked. I went ahead with my standard recipe which is quite good already. my one disappointment was that the frosting looked so blah, and blond without the added color from the toasted pecans. indeed improvising allows one to use surplus food products which is always a good thing.