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Mar 21, 2010 12:25 PM

butcher shop, branford ct?

Anyone know of a good butcher shop in or around Branford CT?

Also, is there a farmer's basket coop for meat in the area?

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  1. Not exactly close by, but Four Mile River farm is well known. I see them at the Chester Farmer's market in season and their beef is superb.

    1. Hi, good butcher shops are hard to come by now a days. If you're looking for an expensive shop...try Forte's in Guilford.. but I thought their staff was rude. Honestly, for the best meat and great prices I drive to T&J IGA in East Haven on High Street. Get off East Haven High Street exit and go north (right) on High Street (Rt 100?) and it's about a mile or two up on the right hand side just after at a gas station and traffic light...parking is limited in front but there is more on the side and in the back. Their stuffed porkchops are super and are only about $3.99 a lb. I often buy family packs of chicken tenders for $1.99 a lb. they also have great delmonico steaks sometimes as low of $5.99 a lb. You can usually get a great chuck roast for about $2.99 a lb. The butcher is very accommodating as ahead or ask for something special when you get there. You can also buy Hummels hot dogs and if you're new to the area, try the Foxon Park soda as well.

      Olympia Farms in Guilford also sells lambs and can have them butchered for you but you'd have to buy the whole thing. There is a farmer's market on Saturday mornings I think on Wooster Street in New Haven but I don't know if they sell meat. Dudley Farm in Guilford also has a small seasonable farmer's market. I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones I know about. I have an Aunt who used to buy her meats at Caron's Corner in Branford center but I can't vouch for it myself.

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        << There is a farmer's market on Saturday mornings I think on Wooster Street in New Haven but I don't know if they sell meat. >>

        They do - beef (and a little pork), goat, lamb, and chickens -- but most of the meats are pre-cut and frozen. The chickens are fresh, having been slaughtered the day before the market. The products are excellent, but it's nothing like a full-service butcher shop.

      2. I saw on the Meat House website that they will be opening in Branford soon. It's a pretty large chain butcher shop, but I live in New Hampshire, and near my town it's one of the only options. They have a nice gourmet food selection as well and some really great wine and beer too.

        Meat House
        655 Main St, Walpole, MA 02081

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          thanks solargarlic, i'm looking forward to checking out the meathouse! I will also have to go to the Wooster street farmers market. My neighbor told me about it....after I had turned him onto Ferraro's Market in New Haven. Cheap meats good for a huge party but not consistently the best quality.

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            Just FYI, the Wooster Square market is every other Saturday during the winter; the next one is April 3, then the 17th. They start back weekly in May.