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Mar 21, 2010 11:57 AM

What to do with Bananas?

Im not actually a big fan of bananas, however I recently ended up with a bunch of them. I dont want to waste them, so I was wondering if anyone had any interesting suggestions about what to do with them. I dont really like banana bread or muffins, and those seem to be the only recipes that come up when I search for banana recipes. I was also thinking banana chips, but I dont really want to deep fry them.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. A quick and easy dessert I like to make on weekdays: Heat a pan with a couple of pats of butter and a few tablespoons of sugar (I eyeball it, so not sure of the amounts). Can add some cinnamon or nutmeg as well at this point. Mix and wait until the liquid is slightly bubby. Toss a few ripened bananas in (each cut and quartered) and coat with the liquid until the bananas soften. Top with vanilla bean ice cream or lightly sweetened whipped cream (or vanilla yogurt, for something a little healthier). Hope this helps!

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      I just did this for breakfast. Drizzled a little maple syrup on the warmed bananas.

      Thanks for the hint.

    2. Bananas Foster???
      Recipe & Photo:

      Banana's Foster Cocktail???
      Recipe & Photo:

      Banana Ice Cream
      Banana Cream Pie
      Banana Pudding
      Banana Split.....

      1. Here's the same question from just a couple of weeks ago:

        You'll find lots more if you search this board.

        1. I like to put banana slices between two pieces of french toast, then top with hot maple syrup (or your favorite french toast topping).

          1. Maybe if you treat it as more of a savory? An acquaintance likes her sliced diagonally into fairly long, thick ovals, warmed in a little butter, then sprinkled with salt & pepper and given a squirt of lime juice, served over rice w/ black beans.

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              That sounds like a classic treatment for plantains - which are sort of like savory bananas.