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Mar 21, 2010 11:31 AM

What else to have?

I am having about 8 people in for a kind of "finger food" get-together...having ribs, wings, shrimp, potato skin strips, garlic bread...what else should I have - vegetable? Any help is very much appreciated.

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  1. I make a finger food app that is endive leaves, stuffed with camembert and drizzled with a good quality aged balsamic (or a reduced to syrup cheaper balsamic)
    Easy to do and sooo yummy!

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    1. re: foodsnob14

      foodsnob14, i make something similar and it's always a hit as well! i fill baby belgian endive leaves with the top third with third crumbled feta, the middle third with honey-roasted walnuts, and the bottom third with a partial orange slice (peeled). after i assemble everything, i drizzle them with a semi-cooled honey-balsamic vinegar reduction (until it's thick and syrupy) and top with chopped chives. the salty-nutty-sweet-sour combo is delicious. i got the recipe from a good friend of mine, and it's always a winner! eaglelake, hope this helps!

    2. Roasted Asparagus spears with dipping sauces.

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        Thanks so mch - I really like both of those ideas - as asparagus season is just approching - the asparagus sounds great...what kind of dip?

        1. re: eaglelake

          So many.

          If you feel ambitious, a classic hollandaise is always right.
          Sour cream mixed with horseradish and dill.
          Mayo mixed with capers.
          Take a jar of roasted red peppers and whiz it up in a food processor. Done!
          Hummus, homemade or pick up a package at the store.
          Blue Cheese dressing... again, homemade or store bought.

          I can come up with more if you need ; )

          1. re: eaglelake

            You could always roast asparagus wrapped in prosicutto, no dip needed!

        2. Chicken Lettuce Wraps with various levels of spiced sauces

          1. stuffed mushrooms. fill with a mixture of breadcrumbs, grated cheese, chopped fresh spinach, sauteed onions, and a bit of mayo (or an egg and a drizzle of olive oil.)

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            1. re: appycamper

              I thank you people for all these GREAT suggestions - I really like the asparagus - & the stuffed mushrooms seems to fit so well with this theme of "finger-type food". the other ideas are also great - but I think time-wise - I'll go with the asparagus & mushrooms.