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Mar 21, 2010 11:30 AM

Hide Sushi...downhill alert

I've been probably 20 times in my life...never had a mind blowing experience, but for decent, fairly priced traditional sushi it was always dependable...about 90% of my visits were Saturday lunches - the only sushi restaurant I can think of that's open in the neighborhood.

Went yesterday...the yellowtail and tuna were barely edible - sloppily cut, mushy and ice cold. The spicy tuna rolls, which my daughter loves, were flavorless. Only the unagi was decent, as it always is at Hide.

Three orders of sushi, four hand rolls and a soft drink was $45 out the door...

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  1. i've been probably over 100 times in my life, and i ate dinner there last week.

    food was every bit as good as it was before.

    sorry you had a bad experience, but mine was just fine.

    1. Just had lunch there: side of vegetable tempura, 9 orders of sushi (scallop, salmon, yellowtail), 1 yellowtail/scallion roll, saki, iced tea $69+tip. All VERY fresh and very good!

      1. Sorry you had a bad turn at Hide, but after ten years I still find myself there two or three times a month. I personally prefer traditional nigiri sushi to the mayo laced, deep fried, spicy rolls that seem so popular at many other "sushi" restaurants, and that's what Hide does well. Simple, generous, very fresh nigiri sushi. Sadly, no whale meat though.

        1. I went there Friday and we had a wonderful meal. We skipped the Tuna, but had the Yellowtail. Delish! Even the Tamago was top notch as always...

          We also indulged in an order of their Dynomite. Which honestly made our night. :)

          Sorry you had a bad experience... Maybe someone forgot to go to the fish market that day. :(