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Mar 21, 2010 10:53 AM

Odine, Japanese-Thai Fusion Restaurant in Ajax, Ontario

The Odine is a new restaurant in Ajax, Ontario, and specialises in 'Japanese-Thai Fusion'. I have been there twice so far.

Both times I went for Thai dishes and they are good. Not 'Thai spicy' but spicy enough for most. Their Green Curry is particularly exquisite and delicious (photo attached).
The service is friendly and interior decoration is calming.

Their website is

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  1. that green curry does look good. Lots of veggies! Did you happen to try the Pad Thai? I've seen this location, but haven't had the chance to go in yet. I'll have to make the effort!

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    1. re: iheartpie

      No, unfortunately, I have not tried the Pad Thai. I think I should try that too.

    2. I've been watching this place as the shopping mall developed for a few years now!! So good to hear something about this place.

      Will probably make a visit.

      1. Fascinating! Given the intensiveness of Thai flavours and the mild subtlety of Japanese ones, I'm completely intrigued.

        Reviewing the menu, though, it appears that the two cuisines are kept quite distinct; I was expecting some dishes incorporating aspects of both Japanese and Thai food instead of a menu that's half Thai dishes and half Japanese dishes.

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        1. re: vorpal

          Interesting point, I was assuming it was fusion.

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            well hopefully it's good. I still haven't managed to get there yet. Looking forward to it though!

        2. After seeing the original review a month ago, I finally got to Odine with my family this week. We had four Thai dishes -- pad thai, mango chicken, spicy fried eggplant, and golden beef curry with coconut sticky rice. All four dishes were good, but the beef curry was the best. The place holds about 60 seats, and it was almost full. The dishes are only about $10 each, so the total bill for three was very low.

          We ate at Xaphire in Forest Hill a couple of weeks ago, and I would rate Odine's food in the same league, but maybe a small notch lower. This is the best Thai food we have found in Durham region, and I'd like to thank the OP for pointing it out.

          530 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N1B4, CA

          1. I love this place. Between my wife and me, we've had the Sushi, the bento box lunch set, the pad thai, and the green curry. I think it is some of the best, most well-balanced, versions of all of these things I've had anywhere in the GTA. Especially the green curry. That's absolutely fantastic.

            This place is a gem. I really, really hope it continues to be popular, as I'm hoping to go back there many more times!

            i highly recommend it.