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Mar 21, 2010 10:53 AM

Are glass lids safe for oven use?

I bought a nice-looking Chinese stainless steel pot that I hope to use as a braiser but it has one of those glass lids with metal rim and knob.
Are these lids safe for oven use? I don't plan to put it under the broiler, but want to know if it may burst or crack or do something nasty under heat....
For more info, it's a "My Land" 20-cm pot with rounded walls, marked as good for flame, induction, coil and flat-top ranges.

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  1. Usually the glass Pyrex pot lids are just fine for over usage. Such Pyrex lids have been used on casserole dishes, Corningware dishes, and plenty of other types of pans for decades. The pot lids are not meant to be used under the broiler, or to placed upon direct heat (for example placed directly on a stove-top burner). These pot lids are just fine for their intended purpose - to be a pot lid - whether on a stove top or in the oven. The metal band around the Pyrex pot top lid helps with transferring or handling the heat, and to help the lid from chipping against the metal rim of the pot. These pot lids are very safe to use.