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Mar 21, 2010 10:37 AM

Please Read - Best Big Burger in NYC

I know this has been asked a million times... and I've read them all, have been to many of the restaurants; but my wallet can only handle so much experimentation and often disappointment. (so far, Spotted Pig is winning)

Here is what I'm looking for, PLEASE help: The Best Burger.

-Has to be BIG. 8 oz has not cut it at most places. (If you weren't VERY full, please don't post)
-Rare, or Medium Rare (but I'd rather go rare).
-High quality meat, high quality bun.
-Can be up to $22.
-VERY Juicy (If you found it a little dry, please don't recommend).
-Topping options aren't a big deal, usually go blue cheese and bacon (sometimes onions), but if there's a burger with a crazy good topping, let me know please!
-Manhattan only. (my friends will not make trips to brooklyn...lazy)

(I enjoy fine dining, have been to all the important restaurants in the city, have had all of their tasting menus, the whole deal... but my favorite thing is a huge high quality burger!)


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  1. As I said in the other recent "best burger" thread, Minetta Tavern's Black Label Burger is the best in NYC, given that you like prime dry aged beef. It has the telltale funky, minerally tang you'd normally associate with a great dry aged steak; as such, it stands apart from the other good steakhouse/pub burgers. It's up to you whether you think it's actually worth the $26 price tag (which does include very well-executed pommes frites).

    Anthony Bourdain and Josh Ozersky @ Minetta Tavern, Black Label Burger

    Minetta Tavern
    113 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012

    1. Try 5 Napkin Burger. The burger is 10 oz of ground chuck ground several times a day, so it's very fresh. You can order medium rare, my perfect choice, and it will be perfect medium rare. They will also prepare rare if requested. The toppings are wonderful, like bacon and Cheddar cheese, and are a great addition. The fries are very good, but this place is all about the burger. The burger is very quicy, you will need SOME of those 5 napkins..and best of all, the burger is very reasonable. Enjoy, and report back to us.


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      1. re: foodie1859

        Agreed!!! My new fave burger by far

      2. 5 Napkin seems like it might meet you criteria.

        This link should be helpful, too:

        1. Have you tried Jackson Hole? I'm not sure of the weight, but if I get one with cheese and onion I can't finish it. It may not be as "fancy" as Spotted Pig or Minetta Tavern, but it is a damn good burger for the money.

          Spotted Pig
          314 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014

          Minetta Tavern
          113 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012

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          1. re: iluvcookies

            i find JH to be big - but not good. my fave burger lately, very basic, nothing fancy, has been in finegan's wake - an irish pub on the UES

            1. re: iluvcookies

              ya i like that burger too, it's a brute. I like their funny steamgrill method too.

            2. i don't find the burgers at Five Napkin to be that great. meh...

              best burger i've had recently was at Freeman's Alley...haven't been to Minetta yet.