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Mar 21, 2010 08:54 AM

Maxim Patisserie on Finch Ave.

We have been going to Maxim for ages (from the days they originated on McCaul Street as a bakery, now to their present location (from the smaller bakery/cafe and now to the expanded location) on the strip mall. Have always enjoyed the baked goods as well as western style meals.

Has there been a change in ownership of the bakery/cafe?

Recently had dessert at Maxim (between Leslie and Bayview) and was not impressed. The young wait staff have an attitude along with therir curt replies in not so great English speaking (perhaps we spoke in English? to them) Did not experience this type of attiude from the staff in the past. The meringe cake and apple flan which we ordered are so-so, not as great as we remember . When placing the order of an apple flan to a young male staff, he curtly replied "it is apple pie". Obviously he does not the difference b/w applie pie and apple flan! Secondly, when seated, he came by and asked abruptly, "what do you want to drink?".
Thirdly, when my husband paid the bill with credit card, a female wait staff said "we don't take credit card" with no explanation and left our table. We were perplexed, as we noticed a VISA logo on the front door of the cafe/bakery. We flagged the female wait staff to about table and asked for an explanation. She curtly replied, "under $20.00 no credit card. We normally have no problem about cash only, but to advertise a logo on their establishment, and to rudely told of the rule of under $20.00. However, we did note, on the way out, a handwritten note " under $20 cash only" on a piece of white paper 5 x 7" clipped to a stand on the cake counter. To add insult to injury, there is a gratuity added to the bill (which normally would have been acceptable, but not in this instance). We certainly will not be frequently this place soon !

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  1. I too noticed a recent change in our favorite chestnut cake from there. Just didn't taste as good as it used to (big chunky chestnuts as compared to the previous pureed layer that I prefer). I'm already used to the poor service and young service staff there.

    1. Sounds like something the owner did/said to staff earlier that day that they're not happy with. With the number of very good pastry shops popping up all over the city, there really isn't any good reason to go to Maxim's anymore unless you're realy late at night and everything else has closed (they do open quite late).

      I barely remember the one on McCaul and I think they had one around Sheppard/Kennedy at one point as well. However, my recollection is that, other than their meringue cake, Maxims hasn't been good for probably over 20 years, if ever.