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Mar 21, 2010 08:36 AM

36 hours in NOLA

Total foodie, classically trained chef will be in New Orleans for a day and a half with two kids in tow (6 and 9). Looking for the BEST street/casual food. Po-Boys, Gumbo, Fried kids eat everything but I don't need to do fine dining with them.

Willing to eat more than 3 meals a day if nessasary.

Cheap, casual and really REALLY GOOD, whacha got NOLA?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Where will you be staying? Do you have a car? If so will you be willing to drive 15/20 minutes. Here's a few you might like. You will get some more advice from the NOLA hounds.

    Coops, The Avenue Pub, Mahoney's, Yo Mama's Bar and Grill, Elizabeth's, The River
    Shack Tavern, Parkway Bakery and Tavern, Cooter Brown's, Mimi's, Martinique Grill, Port of Call, Green Goddess, Mandina's, Bon Ton, Casamento's, Patois, Dick and Jenny's, Boucherie, Mat and Naddies, Dante['s Kitchen and Jacques IMO. Bon Appetit.

    Mandina's Restaurant
    3800 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119

    Avenue Pub
    1732 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

    Casamento's Restaurant
    4330 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

    Bon Ton Cafe
    401 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

    Port of Call
    838 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116

    Green Goddess
    307 Exchange Place, New Orleans, LA 70130

    8115 Jeannette St, New Orleans, LA 70118

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    1. re: Littleman

      staying in the quarter. more than willing to drive...up to 30/40mins.

      would like "the best" since I only have limited time. Looking for po-boys, gumbo, whatever...thought someone in London was telling me about really amazing fried chicken...

      1. re: raulduke69

        They were probably telling you about Willie Mae's. The opinion looks mixed on this board but I really enjoy the fried chicken there.

        1. re: nola79

          I am also a fan of Willie Mae's. K-Paul's has a self serve lunch Thur, Fri, Sat. The gumbo and oyster po boys are really good.

        2. re: raulduke69

          I also love the chicken at Willie Mae's. (FWIW, so does John Besh, whom I've seen in there three or four times.)
          Best po-boys, imo, are at Parkway Tavern, mid-city.
          Great oysters--fried or raw--at Casamento's. Delicious char-broiled oysters at Drago.
          Good food, especially red beans and rice, at Rivershack Tavern, where kids are welcome, btw. Other hounds can probably speak to other noteworthy dishes there.
          My most recent favorite gumbo has been what I'd consider fine dining or at least upscale--Herbsaint, Patois--but you could go for lunch. Again, other hounds can probably weigh in on gumbo at more casual spots.
          Cochon Butcher's sandwiches are awesome. And Cochon, the main restaurant, has excellent Cajun food; it falls somewhere between casual and upscale.
          The best pizza, hands down, imo, is at Domenica. Just had another, my umpteenth, for lunch last week. It was perfect--prosciutto/arugula this time, but they've all been perfect. Two of us shared it ($13) and a small salad ($7) and were quite satisfied.
          New place, Crescent on Banks St. (mid-city) has wonderful house-made sausages, including boudin and bratwurst, onion rings, jambalaya, and pretty good pizza. I haven't tasted the gumbo, but pretty sure it's on the menu. Casual and inexpensive.

          930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

          Casamento's Restaurant
          4330 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

          Rivershack Tavern
          3449 River Rd, Jefferson, LA

          Cochon Butcher
          930 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

          123 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

          1. re: nomadchowwoman

            I am not a fan of Willie Mae's, but to each his own on that one.
            Parkway is good for poboys, but I prefer R&O's.
            I'd also look into a drive to Rocky & Carlos. It's an experience.
            I would also look into getting the kids and yourself some snowballs, preferably at Hansen's or Plum Street.

            Rocky & Carlo Restaurant & Bar
            613 W Saint Bernard Hwy, Chalmette, LA 70043

      2. I thought I read on here that kids can't go into Coop's? Under-age...I could be mistaken.

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        1. re: trishaluna

          Thats correct...from their website:

          (Our snarky* bartenders asked us to tell you we don't take reservations, and due to the presence of video poker machines only those 21 and over are allowed in the restaurant.)

        2. Kids aren't allowed in Yo Mama's either, unfortunately. Other recs sound good.

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          1. re: Liz Gober

            Having been run out of a bar during Mardi Gras with teenage nephew in tow, per the bartender it is the poker machines not the booze that makes it taboo.