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Mar 21, 2010 06:17 AM

What are you baking these days? part II [old]

(Note: There's a newer "What are you baking these days?" thread started. If you have a question or comment about something below, please go ahead and post it. But if you want to add a new thing you're baking to the list, please find the newest thread from this list: -- The Chowhound Team )

Since Spring has sprung at least temporarily in NYC and "What are you baking these days?" has reached almost 250 posts, herewith a fresh start. If you're alighting on the topic for the first time, please do have a look at the original thread - lots and lots of inspiration, wonderful recipes and discussion (chai spice snickerdoodles, anyone?).

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  1. For housekeeping purposes, original "What are you baking these days?" here:

    Looking forward to more inspiration and deliciousness to follow!

    1. Need to recycle some experimental lowfat chocolate cupcakes (not frosted) so I made a bread pudding inspired by the Samoa girl scout cookie. Details are on my blog


      It worked pretty well, but was pretty rich, and I wanted a bit more coconut flavor in the custard. I think i would add some coconut extract next time.

      1. Working on perfecting a chocolate cherry sourdough bread, which means that chocolate cherry sourdough bread pudding will probably be on the menu soon. ;-)

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        1. re: modthyrth

          Is that chocolate-flavored bread dough or a sourdough with choc. chunks or...? Either way sounds delicious (I've had both styles).

          1. re: Caitlin McGrath

            Chocolate flavored sourdough (cocoa powder in the recipe) plus chocolate chunks and cherries. Yum!

            1. re: modthyrth

              That sounds wonderful. I love chocolate with sourdough.

              1. re: drewb123

                I've never baked sourdough chocolate bread, only had it from bakeries. I hope modthyrth will share her recipe.

                1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                  I just had to wipe and reinstall a fresh OS on my computer, and haven't imported any of my old bookmarks and documents yet. I'll post back with the recipe, and also note that I found it online with a quick search at The Fresh Loaf when I was originally looking. So delicious!

          2. Yesterday made a David Lebovitz recipe--
            A banana and chocolate upside down cake, it is WoW more than the sum of its parts. (He asked himself why he doesn't make it more often.) I subbed chopped pecans for part of the chocolate. It's "simple" I suppose as baking goes, but the taste belies the ease of making it.

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            1. re: blue room

              I wish I didn't have a banana-phobic husband. This sounds great, I love banana cakes.

            2. Made the chai spice snickerdoodles yesterday - yum YUM, kattyeyes. Love the spicing. BTW recipe calls for 3 tsp baking soda (?) but you indicate you used an Italian baking powder - I checked a recipe for snickerdoodles in the KA Cookie Companion and it called for 2 tsp baking powder, which is what I used. The cookies domed but didn't crackle, is that what they are supposed to do?

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              1. re: buttertart

                Thanks for the catch. Two updates (I fixed it on my blog, too):

                1. I used Paneangeli Vaniglinato per dolci. This double-acting baking powder is also vanilla-scented.
                2. The correct recipe s/b 3 teaspoons baking POWDER (sorry, my typo). The baking powder is a substitute for cream of tartar, which the original recipe called for. But sounds like your cookies came out just fine. Mine didn't crackle either--just lovely, spicy domes. Is that what you baked? :)

                Corrected post here:

                BTW, buttertart, did you roll in turbinado as well? I think that made the cookies extra sparkly!

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  1. Vanilla-scented bp sounds like a great idea, who'd'a thunk it?
                  2. The cookies are great but I love the texture cream of tartar gives - will use it next time. 3 tsp?
                  3. Used regular sugar so not sparkly, just delicious.
                  4. I put the chai spice in with the butter on my mother's principle that the fat carries the flavor in baked goods (always put vanilla, itrus peel, etc in with it too). Works for me!
                  5. Going to use this spice in other things, it's very special.

                  1. re: buttertart

                    In numerical response...
                    2. It has been so long since I had "real" snix with cream of tartar, I'll have to compare and contrast.
                    3. I'm going to remember your "fat carries the flavor" principle--good idea!
                    5. Didn't your house smell sooooooooo good? :) Glad you loved it, too.

                    1. re: kattyeyes

                      It did indeed. Penzey's has cream of tartar, by the way. I had to buy some recently - finally used up a bottle I bought ages and ages ago - it's not that common an ingredient (was good to the end, by the way). Must post a recipe from a lady who used to help my mother-in-law in the kitchen -sand cookies - they use c of t and bake up crisp, crinkled and a bit hollow in the centers.