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Mar 21, 2010 05:21 AM

how is Cook St Helena for lunch?

I can't find anything on the board about Cook in St Helenas. We have 6 and were thinking lunch. how is the food ? we were considering Solbar or Cook. on a friday in early may.

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  1. we have lived in St. Helena for over a decade, and COOK is our restaurant of choice, full of locals, owner operated, lunch is very casual and delicious, you can enjoy Main Street before and after, chocolates at Woodhouse and espresso at Napa Valley roasting Co., solbar is mostly about environment, if you are looking for South Beach meets Napa Valley with overpriced resort fare to match, they have it covered, for food with soul, try COOK. Enjoy!

    South Beach Cafe
    800 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94107

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      Does Cook take reservations? I overheard a party of 6 touring with us recently saying they were told the wait would be an hour so they ended up going elsewhere (don't know where & this was a Monday).

      1. re: ceekskat

        thanks ceekskat that was my next question...I heard the same thing