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Mar 21, 2010 04:17 AM


Or at least, that's what I think it is? I was in Peru over spring break and I had this amazing patty on two occasions, once in a sandwich and once as an entree itself. It seems to be a fried patty of quinoa or kiwicha. Salty, gooey, kinda reminded me of fried grits or oatmeal. In the airport on the way home, I saw a cookbook called something like La Cocina Peruana and briefly saw the name "quinotto" accompanying a picture that looked suspiciously like the same dish. Could anyone tell me more about this dish and how to make it?

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  1. does it look sort of like this? this might be a great "foundational" recipe for you to riff on...

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      Not really, but it could've just been the way she cooked it. She shaped it into nice little patties that held their shape.

    2. Everything that comes up under it is a quinoa risotto - quinotto..

      I'm curious to know what you ate, because I love quinoa and it's one of my fav. ingredient.

      1. I've never heard of this dish, but I make quinoa patties by making some soft quinoa and combining it with egg, flour, cheese, and herbs and dredging in panko:

        You could also skip the panko; they'll just be more fragile.

        Maybe that will be what you're looking for?

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          That looks closest to what I'm looking for, but no Panko and eggs (they were vegan). Do you think they would they fry up as well without eggs?

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            Sure, you could try it. Cook the quinoa with plenty of water so it is soggy and let it go until it's quite soft and porridge-like. Then chill. Later add some (soy)milk, soy cheese (if desired), and flour. Then form into patties and fry. Since you're not going to bread them, you can also try dropping large tablespoons into a pan, then slightly flattening.

            Without a crumb coating, I expect they'll be pretty fragile. Having plenty of oil in a hot non-stick pan helps. Let us know how it works!