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May 23, 2005 05:39 PM

Best chorizo in LA/OC

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New to CA...Can someone recommend a really good authentic Mexican chorizo in the LA area? Either a good local brand or a good market that makes their own. (Tried a supermarket brand that was just awful!) Thanks.

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  1. Guelaguetza, hands down. I go to the one at 3335 1/4 W 8th St., (213) 427-0601. Great with scrambled eggs.

    1. Probably not the answer you are looking for, but I get my chorizo at Costco ... and I find it fabulous. But then I am a neophyte when it come to these things.

      1. Just on Friday night stopped at a stand in front of Spain Restaurant on Glendale Blvd in Silverlake/LA and had one of their chorizo and one of their carne asada tacos. SO GOOD!! The guy told me that he is a chef in the restaurant but the stand is his own. The chorizo was fantastic - one of the best I have every had. Great texture (some grilled a little more crisp than other bits and so flavorful!). Great hot salsas as well. The only variety that I did not taste was the cheek. Anyway, he told me that they make the chorizo in the restaurant. I went inside and they have several varieties as well as other items for sale. The stand is there til 2 or 3 on Fri-Sat but closes earlier the other days of the week. Give 'em a try!

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          in a similar vein--i know you're looking for retail, but this is another taco spot--cactus #1 mexican on vine has amazing chorizo. not at all greaseless and shockingly rojo, this stuff stains everything it comes in contact with....and it is SOOOO GOOOOD. tangy, garlicky, burnt at the edges--i get 3 tacos of the stuff every time i'm even close to in the neighborhood.


        2. There's a market on North Main and Avenue 20 in Lincoln Heights called Lanza Bros. They make their own chorizo and it is greaseless and tasty. We've been buying it there for 25 years and take orders for all our friends when we go. It's worth the trip. I believe the market was recently sold but the chorizo is the same. Delicious

          1. If you are looking for it to cook, the best I have ever had is from Marconda's in the Farmers Market at Fairfax and Third.

            They make their own, they use superior ingredients, and Martin is in charge of it. He is a great, funny guy. It is a pity that when the Times had that spread last week with that picture of the butchers there that he was not in the photo. Picked the wrong day off.