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Mar 21, 2010 12:31 AM

Can't wait to cook this meal for my family!

I'm heading back home in about a month after being away at university, and I'm planning a meal to completely blow my family/possibly some of their friends away. I'm not going to tell them exactly what I'm serving... I'm going to give them a menu that has a simple, not-so-upscale food on it, and then surprise them with a fun play on that idea.

So here's what I'm thinking:

Chips and Dip - Rosti Potato cakes with creme fraiche and chives

Vegetable Soup - Roasted cauliflower soup with rosemary and parmesean

Fruit Salad - Watermelon with aged balsamic vinegar, mint and feta

Poutine - Crispy frites with lobster and Bearnaise sauce

Jello - Chilled Lemon and Earl Gray Gelee (palette cleanser)

Spaghetti - Fresh tagliatelle with braised veal ragu

Pop - Fresh ginger and lime soda (palette cleanser)

Meat and Potatoes -Roast Filet of Beef, bordelaise sauce, roasted parsnips, wilted greens

Pudding - Sticky Toffee Pudding with candied bacon ice cream.

I will definitely be posting pictures!


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  1. O........M........G......... CAN I COME??? :) Sounds absolutely mouth watering!!!

    1. It's a very fine menu, and a cool idea, and you've obviously put a lot of thought into it. But it's awfully heavy - I don't think I'd make it past the jello. You're serving two courses of potatoes: the potato cakes, and the poutine. Plus cauliflower soup, and pasta, and parsnips. Maybe these will be tiny little plates of food, but I'd worry about your guests being too full to enjoy the last few courses. In a month, you'll probably be able to find all kinds of spring vegetables - maybe consider swapping out some of the more winter-y dishes?

      1. Need any help with the prep? I will work for food...
        It is quite a filling meal, and I don't think I'd make it past the Poutine, but I'd die happy at least. I'm assuming you're doing small plates?
        Sticky Toffee Pudding, as great as it is, is a pretty intense way to end a big meal, especially with the candied bacon ice cream. I realize all things bacon are big right now but perhaps a simple poached or oven-roasted fruit dessert with a light wine or champagne sauce, flavored with some alternate herb flavors, like lavender, thyme or tarragon, would be the way to go. Call that catagory Pie instead of Pudding.

        I applaud your great effort, and I'm sure your family and friends will be wowed over no matter what you choose to serve. Please do post photos.

        1. The concept is great, but I can't imagine enjoying a meal like this no matter how much I might like any of the individual courses; it's way too heavy and wintery. Choose your favourite four or five things out of these courses and go with it.

          1. You are all extremely right! When I started planning the menu, it was the middle of January and freezing cold outside. I WAS planning on serving very small portions of each course, but even that would be way overboard considering it will probably happen in late April or even may... This menu would be MOST inappropriate... I've got some thinking to do!