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Mar 20, 2010 10:15 PM

Piq Niq Calgary

I was wondering what people thoughts were on Piq Niq. I have always wanted to give it a try, just never got around to it. Its been around for a long time, it must be pretty good. Right?

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  1. Had a geat dinner there over a year ago. Since then, they got a new chef.

    1. i used to go frequently around '04 or '05. used to be one of my favorite spots in the area, but i don't spend much time in that area any longer and haven't been in years, so can't really comment on how things are now. check out the beatnik (in the basement) for live jazz, too.

      1. I haven't been since Fall 09, but been many times overall. Always reliable, good spot.

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          Have been about 3 times but the last time was about 5 yrs ago. Enjoyed it each time. They used to have a BYOB deal on, not sure if they still do. Definitely head down to Beat Nik after, coolest jazz bar around.

        2. had a great meal there about a month or so ago - lovely service, nice atmosphere and a very enjoyable meal, also nice to be able to take your unfinished wine from your meal, with you to the show downstairs! can't wait to make another evening of it