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Mar 20, 2010 07:41 PM

Recommend an easy to clean mini food processor/chopper

I was considering replacing my Braun immersion blender/chopper with a Kitchenaid that costs $100. However I could just get a $30 Cuisinart Smart Stick and a mini food processor type thing. I just want something to chop nuts (other than banging on a ziploc with a meat tenderizer), shred some cheese, shred a few carrots.

Any suggestions other than getting an immersion blender?

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  1. I used an immersion blender with chopper attachment for a bit and hated it. It was uncomfortable to use i.e. when I had to scrape down the sides also, and that may have been model specific (Viking) it wasn't easy to clean.

    I am using a discontinued dualit now, mostly for aestecical reasons but am very happy with it.

    1. I have a Cusinart mini processor (35.00) that is really easy to clean, small foot print and does a great job on everything a big one can do.

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        I also have a Cuisinart, the Mini-Mate Plus model (someone gave it to me, don't know what it cost.) It works well for nuts & spices, and is OK for cheese as long as I don't overload it - I've learned just how much I can put in at a time and do several smaller batches when I need a lot. In that sense it's not, I would have to say, as rugged as my full size Cuisinart DLC-7.

        I don't know that I'd do carrots in it, the chopping container is only 3" diameter and 3-1/4" deep, but it works great for quick-mincing small amounts of onion, serrano pepper and cilantro when I'm making guacamole.

        As for cleanup - the container and blade can go in the dishwasher, the motor housing (which is actually the top of the unit) can be rinsed and wiped dry pretty easily.

      2. I have a cuisinart mini-prep plus, and it's an absolute workhorse. The body is all sealed, so aside from cleaning the bowl, the top, and the blade, you just wipe it down and it's good as new. The buttons are sealed too. I love that thing to death, and it has NEVER bogged down - always absolutely POWERS thru anything I put in it. It's like scary strong, imo. Glad I got it. Love it.

        1. I got the smart stick for $30 after I saw how large the mixing up was for the Kitchenaid (which was $100). I'm going to try the budget approach of using what I already own for the chopping.... and then maybe get the mini prep!