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gothic/dark/romantic London haunts?


Will be travelling to London within the next couple of weeks. I'm curious to know whether there are any particularly interesting restaurants for dark decor - dark colours/candles/exposed brick - that sort of thing...plus excellent food of course.

Thank you!

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  1. The Troubador on the Old Brompton Road. 5 minute walk from Earl's Court tube. Food isn't brilliant but is satisfactory, but atmosphere is what you are looking for, evening music events sometimes and some celebrity-spotting at times.

      1. Bit of a wild card this one......Probably not to be taken too seriously!


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          anyone been to Gordon's Wine Bar in Charring Cross lately? Went ages ago, seem to remember it being particularly dingy

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            Just deleted my long posting by mistake. In short, yes, it is very dingy, but worth a visit. Poule a Pot in Pimlico good for romantic.

        2. Maggie Jones, Kensington Church St. Basement, candles, great English food (roasts/game/pies) in winter, not too expensive. Great for overseas guests

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            yes i would definately second maggie jone. dark, romantic, great food.

          2. There's none blacker than Dans Le Noir (Clerkenwell) - you actually eat in total darkness! Haven't heard great reports about the food but I guess the experience is why one would go.


            LMNT in Hackney (Queensbridge Road) has OTT decor (gold gilt sphinx fireplaces and toilets that wouldn't be out of place chez Caligula) - food is OK modern European but not that expensive for London. Haven't been for 4 or so years but last visit was for a special birthday and it didn't disappoint.


            Also more just the name as it's not a particularly dark restaurant but there's the Bleeding Heart (Holborn/Clerkenwell) - unfortunately the Crypt is only for private parties but I've heard good things about the French restaurant (if you're here in the next couple weeks it'll will be too cold for the courtyard bistro which is lovely



            1. For over-the-top gothic, I suggest loungelover (bar) and its sister restaurant Les Trois Garcons, both in too-cool-for school Shoreditch.

              1. Thank you all for your very helpful replies! I will report back after our holiday and hope to include a couple of these in my adventure.


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                  les trois garcons is a definite must for the decor, though the food isn't quite up to the substantial pricing (approx £20 a main plate, £10-13 starters). it has to be considered as an 'overall' experience i think.

                  clos magiore is also worth checking out in covent garden, again, food is similarly priced, but much, much better alongside a killer, not-overly-marked-up wine list, which it's famed for. most of all though, it's absolutely beautiful, not least it's unique hedged room.