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Mar 20, 2010 04:00 PM

All Night Bakery in Rome

While studying in Rome umpteen years ago, we used to hit the all night bakery near Piazza Cavour while waiting for the bus after a late night out. Three years ago I was back in Rome and couldn't find it. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I am going back in May with some friends and would like to revisit, if it is still there. I did find a mention of another, Dolce di Notte (Via San Francesco a Ripa) that I may try.

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  1. I've never been, but I heard there was a place sort of near the Circus Maximus, I think, that starts selling fresh cornetti at around 10:00 p.m.

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      Thanks. I guess poor college students who would frequent such a place don't follow chowhound

    2. I'm pretty sure you are talking about Dolce Maniera...never been there, but just saw it mentioned on the "Unseen Italy" show. I did a search and came across this link, with address and web link:

      Looks like a great place. I loved their web site!

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        The place I remember was actually the back door of a bakery that wasn't a shop. They made the baked goods to sell elsewhere, but there was always a small line of college students, couples out late, they would sell some fresh hot cornets to.

        Thank you though for that great new spot I didn't know about. We need to grab a quick snack before our evening tour of the Vatican and I have been searching for some place in that area. It sounds like we'll be able to find a sandwich or treat there. You have been a great help!

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          If you're looking for an evening snack and not a cornetto in the middle of the night, go to Pizzarium at Via Meloria 43 for the best pizza al taglio in Rome.

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            Very heartily second Zerlina! Pizzarium makes the best pizza by the slice, is close to the Vatican Museum entrance and is open till around 9pm.

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              Thank you all for the suggestions. We are planning on grabbing a bite at Pizzarium in the short hour we have between a walking tour that ends at 5 PM and a Vatican Museum evening tour that begins around 6 PM. Sounds perfect.

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            Hey there - it's a long shot you'll get this but did you ever find the bakery?? I know exactly what you're talking about as I used to frequent it while studying there as well.. I'm heading back soon and trying to figure out where in the world it was!! If you ever came across it, let me know! Thank you :)

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              Very strange that you posted here four days ago, as I am in exactly the same situation. What are the chances that place is still around literally 25 years later? Probably low, but searching is worth the effort. If you find anything, post it? Thanks!

        2. I was thinking about that same place, Googled "Tutte Notte Bakery in Rome" and came upon your post. I used to go there in 1981 while studying at Loyola's Rome Center and have wondered if it was still open. I do remember that it was around Piazza Cavour. We gave the guy a couple of lire and they gave us warm cornetti in brown paper. If you ever find it let me know. I am dreaming about them now.

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            Gosh, this post is soooo old but I did hear from another classmate that it is still there. I will try to find out more since I am crossing my fingers that I will be back next May for a Loyola reunion. Frank, were we there at the same time. I went second semester of 81-82. I think you were there Fall and I went spring.