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Mar 20, 2010 03:58 PM

New in SoNo - Las Orchetas

I am blessed to have inherited restaurant karma from my mother. We can drive by a place and know whether or not it's going to be good. Well, when I left the Norwalk train station and took a left on Washington, I knew immediately Las Orchetas (sp?) was going to be good.

I quickly found a parking space and walked inside where the line was to the door at 3 pm. I was the only white person there with many other stylish people of Spanish descent.

The window says bakery & restaurant. If I hadn't already had doughtnuts from Cofee N' this morning, I would have gorged myself on the baked goods. Everything in the case looked delicious and fresh.

For lunch, I don't even really understand what I ordered but it was phenomenal. They have both a menu and a case of hot food where I just pointed and chose. Luckily, I was taking to go as there was not a table in the house to sit down at. I couldn't even figure out which region of cuisine this was as there were so many unusual items all over the place I had never seen before. Was over impressed, which rarely happens with me.

Will probably return tomorrow and understand exactly what type of food this was and the different offerings available.

Oh, AND....when I drove through SoNo after this experience, all the other places there felt "dead" compared to all the excitement going on inside this new establishment.

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  1. "i don't even really understand what i ordered but it was phenomenal"

    So can you tell us about the restaurant before I actually go there...what kind of cuisine? is it nice decor? is it expensive? do you need reservations?

    That, I'm sorry to say, was an extremely vague and frustrating post

    1. I Googled, and I think the place is La Orquidea Bakery, at 60 S. Main Street in Norwalk.

      Looking forward to a follow-up post. I hate to agree with wreckers00 since I typically enjoy your postings and think you contribute a lot to the Fairfield County boards, but this was rather vague.

      1. Would you rather me withold a wonderful new restaurant until I have time to write about the specific details of each morsel I ate or let you all know as quickly as possible there is an interesting new place to check out?

        Let your gut guide you whether it's a place to check out or not. You don't need anyone else to tell you that.

        The name alone will tell you it's some sort of Spanish/Latin regional cuisine along with the plethora of non-gringo diners mentioned enjoying the food.

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          You left the South Norwalk Train Station? You then went down Washington? Was it befor the bridge or did you go over the bridge? Or was it on the same street as Chocopologie?


        2. hmmm. can you describe the food a bit more? Like, did you have meat? What kind, and how was it prepared? What else did you see there? Plaintains? Rice & beans? Stewed meats? Tortilla? Arepas?

          Just trying to divine what brand of cuisine it might be. The name ("orchid") doesn't signal a region to me...

          Sorry to ask so many questions. Just trying to get a bearing as I'm not often in that neighborhood and curious where the proprietors are from.

          1. Im pretty sure its a Columbian bakery/restaurant, and has been there for quite some time. Corner of South Main and Elizabeth Street

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              kinda figured it was colombian. For some reason, almost all the latin bakeries around here are Colombian (not a bad thing, btw). Thanks for the heads up...