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Mar 20, 2010 03:08 PM

Final cold weather meals

What are you trying to make before the cold weather is gone. I am going to make some ox tail soup and some chili.

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  1. Fish chowder. I bought some lovely rockfish 'ribs' (what's left when the fillets are cut out) and am making chowder. Kind of lame, really, considering that we're having a gorgeous first day of spring with temps in low 70's.

    1. Yes Spring is here! Time to pull haul out the dehydrator! I need to keep that resolution this year!

      I'd like to make a beautiful, deep brick- red pot of chili colorado and also green chili with pork, so good. omg, I wish I had some of both!

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        Yes, chili one more time, maybe green with pork and hominy.
        I'm dying to make some Boston style baked beans as well. Have you guys checked out kattyeyes' corned beef TDF Reuben soup with Guiness? She posted it and you'll find it under the recipes heading at the top of the page, as well as linked in a current thread on the home cooking page.

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          I'm with the chili group. I slow roasted a pork loin with onions, garlic, and tomatillo salsa yesterday and will use half of it for a green pork chili. I use all the drippings in the chili and thicken it up a little with some pureed pintos.

        2. Baked tomato mac and cheese!

          1. Pot roast, Paul Prudhomme's Cajun Meatloaf and maybe one more corned beef.

            1. I'm making a turkey next weekend...I really don't change what I want to eat for the most part; I always make things like mac & cheese & soups even if it's warm outside. The only things that change is my method of cooking them. I'll use my slow cooker & pressure cooker more and will cook a turkey on the grill in the middle of summer if that's what I have a taste for.

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                Yep, made a full turkey dinner last week. The leftovers are going into enchiladas today.