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Mar 20, 2010 03:05 PM

What are the great deals at TJ"s

I get my rice milk there for the kids and I know its a great deal. I used to get the nuts as well, but the kids have nut allergy. I like to buy some premade food but, I ahve never been really wowed. The frozenorange chicken, meh. The frozen calamari, meh. I did think the frozen haricot vert were a good deal as well as the cubed fresh butternut squash.

Do you consider TJ's to be an expensive store or a value one?

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  1. value. no question. pricing and hit-or-miss quality/success of certain items are two different things. if you compare prices on the same items between TJ's & regular supermarkets, i'd estimate that TJ's is cheaper at least 90% of the time.
    some of the best values (IMO):
    - nuts
    - dried fruit
    - organic eggs
    - dairy (particularly Greek yogurt)
    - frozen fruits & vegetables
    - organic grape tomatoes & heirloom lettuce
    - jarred hearts of palm
    - organic raw chicken parts
    - almond milk
    - jarred herbs & spices (limited selection, but the ones they do have are priced very well)
    - breakfast cereal
    - sparkling water

    there are more, but that was off the top of my head.

    of course, prices at wholesale clubs (Costco, Sam's, BJ's) are better, but it doesn't make sense for everyone to shop at those places. and you can sometimes get better prices on bulk nuts & dried fruit at places like co-ops, but many of us aren't fortunate enough to have one nearby.

    1. Definitely a value store. Direct price comparison with the food store across the street show TJ's lowballing the competition, sometimes by a lot - not just its house brand v. comparable products, but the other brands it carries such as Kashi (and Keillor's Dundee marmalade).

      Joe's O's - 15 oz - $2.29
      c/w Cheerios - 8.9 oz - $4.19

      Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal - 15 oz - $3.29
      c/w same @ Food Emporium - $4.19

      TJ's British Muffins - golden white - 13 oz (6) - $1.49
      c/w Thomas's English Muffins - .12 oz (6) - $3.95 (sale $2.50)

      Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage - 12 oz (5) - $3.99
      c/w Applegate Farms Chicken & Apple Sausage - 12 oz (4) - $5.99

      TJ's Reduced Guilt Woven Wheats Wafers - 8.5 oz - $2.99
      c/w Triscuits - 8.5 oz - $4.19

      California Thompson seedless raisins - 1 lb - $1.99
      c/w Sun-Maid raisins - 12 oz -$2.59

      TJ's non-fat milk - 1/2 gal - $1.79
      c/w Tuscan fatfree - 1/2 gal - $2.69

      Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce - 17.6 fl oz - $2.99
      c/w Kikkoman - 5 oz - $2.49

      This is without any loss of quality - to the contrary, I'd say. What TJ's saves on overhead (advertising, packaging design, etc.) they pass on to us.

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      1. re: armagnac

        another tj thread? really?

        anyways - the prices there are great for a vast majority of the products.

        i could care less if the food is organic or not, if it taste good and is a good value i eat it.

      2. One great deal at TJ's is their "Avocado's Number" guacamole. (Cute pun for chemistry nerds.) Better than most restaurant guac, and just $3-4 for 2 large plastic trays. Much tastier and bigger than the tiny portions you can get as a side dish in Mexi restaurants.

        Their OJ and grapefruit juice is much better than the regular restaurant brands and cheaper too. And their spiced cider is to die for.