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Mar 20, 2010 02:55 PM

Anyone been to Le Relais de Venise L'Entrecote? [London]

Thinking about steak frites. Any opinions?

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  1. Liked it at the Marylebone branch, but been a long while.

    Had a great steak frite at Vivat Bacchus (London Bridge) recently - wonderfully crunchy shell on the wedges of potato, lots of flavouri n the steak, a very savoury and rather oniony (to my delight) sauce.

    Incidentally, the squid starter was exceptional - perfect tender/firm balance, great flavour, and a very balanced and light coat of aioli (iirc).

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      yes i love i there an go about once a month. rude staff though and it is a quick turn over - they wont let you sit til all your party is there. Get there early as there is sometimes a queue.

    2. I've only had good experiences there, mucho delicious! I would also go to Hawksmoor for a good steak

      1. Been to both Marylebone and the city. It does exactly what it says on the tin - good (but not great) steak frites.

        I like the city branch for lunch with mates or work colleagues but would probably look elsewhere if going for a top-end steak dinner or on a date.

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          also if you save your receipt from dinner and take it back when u go for lunch you get 20% off your meal.