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Mar 20, 2010 02:02 PM

Urgent Scallop Sauce Needed

My DH decided he wanted some scallops tonight (something I almost never do at home, but love when we go out). I am urgently looking for a great sauce for a accompaniment. I do have a partial jar of roasted red peppers, but don't really have a recipe. It doesn't have to be the peppers, but just something ultra tasty that I can make with what is in my kitchen. Can you help me?

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  1. beurre blanc? white wine, lemon, cream and butter. reduce a cup of wine by half. add 1 tblsp lemon, and zest if you want, a splash of cream. whisk in 1/4 lb chunked chilled butter. good with a little tarragon or thyme.

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      1/4 lb butter? Coo....How many people would that be for please?

      1. re: Robin Joy

        6 to 8 unless there are total piggies in the ranks ;-) 4 to 6 if piggies abound. 1 if there is a great hog with his/her own straw.

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          At that rate, since there was only 4 oz butter in the recipe, you're really not overdoing it, fat-wise, compared to the amount of pleasurable flavor you get from the sauce. 3-4 tbsp of butter sauce is really all you need for one serving, unless one is a piggie or a great hog,;-))).

    2. Hopefully your scallops are the dry sea variety.
      Sauteed or seared scallops with a red pepper butter sauce, reduce white wine, minced shallot, minced roasted peppers, lemon juice or champagne vinegar; add a hit of heavy cream, reduce til syrupy and whisk in cold butter. A splash of Pernod or Anise-flavored liquor (not sweetened anisette,) chopped tarragon and lemon zest adds a nice lift.
      No Pernod or not into butter? Make a nice broth with shallot, the peppers, reduced fish or shrimp stock, white wine and fresh basil or a mix of dill and chives. Enrich with just a touch of butter and some lemon or lime zest.
      A red wine pan sauce works for scallops as well, with basil or thyme.
      In not knowing what else you have in your pantry aside from the peppers, it's a bit difficult to give suggestions, but I tried...hope this helps. Enjoy.

      EDIT: looks like appycamper and I are on the same wavelength, thee minutes apart while I was spellchecking. How funny.

      1. I have done scallops served over a red pepper pesto on angel hair before. It makes a nice presentation as well as delicious! Just make a pesto sauce in your processor with your peppers.

        I have also had a wonder beurre rouge with scallops, where you use red wine instead of white, with same procedures as appycamper's above. Delicious.

        1. Wow - you CH's rock. I have most of the ingredients all of you suggested except the fresh lemon zest or the Pernod or Anise-flavored liquor, but I think I can put something together with the basics you all gave and then I would assume it is just a season-to-taste. We always have white wine, butter, lemon, cream, tarragon and thyme. Love the idea of adding the roasted red peppers if possible. I think I will taste-test before adding those, however. Also have the red wine as a possibility. I will have to run these by my DH as he would love to have some input as well. I do remember having something like a red pepper sauce (used more as the "decorative" design) at a very high-end restaurant with scallops once and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Thank you all for the quick replies. I'll let you know how it goes!