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Mar 20, 2010 12:39 PM

Bone-in Goat Shoulder on the grill - Where to begin?

On a whim, I just picked up a 4.4lb bone-in goat shoulder (Marin sun farms). This will be my very first foray into preparing goat at home. My idea was to cook it low and slow on a charcoal grill with some mesquite chips, roast some chiles towards the end and roll in flour tortillas for bbq goat tacos.

So - a couple of questions.

1) How long would it take to cook this size of goat shoulder to optimum tenderness?
2) Does goat need to be marinated or can I just do a dry rub and throw it on the grill?
3) Any advice on grill temperature?

Would love to hear from some more experienced goat grillmasters!

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  1. barbacoa, traditionally pit cooked goat, lamb or cows head, comes to mind.

    I'm sure there are various recipes on line. Here's one from FN