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Mar 20, 2010 12:21 PM

Dining spots in Bozeman MT? & area

My wife & I will be travelling to Bozeman this summer & are looking for recommendations for places to eat. We`ve spent time in the city before but haven`t been satisfied with places where we`ve eaten., ie, Ted`s Montana Grill et al.
Budget isn`t a consideration but good food & service are. A place in Livingston was recommended but it was closed the day we drove there. I think it was called Livingston Grill.

Montana Grill
5480 US Highway 93 S, Somers, MT 59932

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  1. hello -

    First, I'm a Bozeman resident. One who's generally dissatisfied with the dining options here (I think other Bozeman cities, ie Billings, Missoula, have better restaurants.) : ) And not knowing where you're coming from and what your expectations are, it's hard to make suggestions.

    You should definitely post again closer to your trip, because in all honesty a couple of the newer places may not even be open - as in survive. Skip Ted's, skip Looie's, the John Bozeman Bistro is okay, but not great. Boodles may or may not be open by the summer - they'd hoped for a pre-Christmas re-opening and it's still on the months-out horizon. Keep that on your radar.

    The two new places, Lemongrass Thai and Blackbird Kitchen... I hear mixed things. I've heard some bad things about Lemongrass - shrimp that smells so fishy and icky that my friend wouldn't eat it, her husband did and was, of course, not well. They haven't worked out the kinks of actually having a restaurant. 45 minute waits because no reservations, etc. Blackbird is for pizza.

    As for Livingston and the Grille, it's questionable whether that can hang on, either. The food went way downhill after it was sold (it's no longer Russell Chatham's - hasn't been for a few years). They've cut back their hours and evenings of service, and even in the summer with all of the visiting fisherpeople it was deserted. The best thing going there was the bartender, who left to open his own bar.

    The 2nd St Bistro has been much better than the Grille. If you're in Lvstn, that would be a better meal. Always more busy, always more locals. And skip Adagio, the "Italian" place - so-so pizza, and pasta - and you get to top it with processed pre-shredded parmigiano-substance ; )

    Hope that helps!

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    1. re: holdthecow

      Thanks for your response! We are from Alberta & visit MT fairly often. We love Bozeman as a city & have been there numerous times. As I said in my first post, it`s been frustrating trying to find a good place to eat. We are "food enthusiasts" & appreciate quality ingredients that well prepared & served by professional staff.
      I don`t know if you`ve eaten at Capers in Kalispell but it`s a reference point of what we are looking for in the Bozeman area. Capers is sometimes a little "uneven" but our experience there has been good & a few times even wonderful.
      Santa fe has some wondefull dining rooms & I guess we are looking for someplace that approaches that level.
      Thanks again,

      1. re: rancher rick

        IMHO you'll need to drive a ways to get good food but even then you'll not get to Santa Fe standards.
        To be clear, I don't eat in Bozeman often precisely because there's really not much there, "fine dining"-wise. If I find myself in Bozeman, I'll grab Korean at I-Ho's, a sandwich at Bar 3 BBQ, a bowl of miso and a couple rolls at Dave's Sushi, etc. Decent? Yes. Great? Decidedly not. The greater Bozeman area is a far cry from being some kind of foodie destination.
        That being said, Jay Bentley's Mint in Belgrade is worth a drive, as are the dining rooms at Larry Edwards' Grand Hotel in Big Timber and at Colin Davis' tightly run operation at Chico Hot Springs. All of these places do a very nice job, as does 2nd Street Bistro in Livingston. I've also had some delicious meals at Adagio in Livingston -- try the grilled quail, the house recipe sausage with white beans, or most any of the specials. Or just ask chef/owner Jim Liska to feed you an interesting meal; he will.

        2nd Street Bistro
        123 N 2nd St, Livingston, MT 59047

        Grand Hotel & Restaurant
        PO Box 1242, Big Timber, MT 59011

        1. re: Spot

          Hi, Thanks for your response once again, We`ll try those recommendations on our upcoming Bozeman?Santa fe venture.
          Last wkend we were in Kalispell & found that our favourite restaurant there, Capers, had adjusted their formerly "fine dining" menu to a new format that is now favouring pasta & pizza dishes. A reflection of the current economy, I suppose, but we elected not to try it. Sad because we`ve had soime truly great dinners there.

          1. re: rancher rick

            A couple favorite spots in Bozeman:

            -Cafe Zydeco (delicious cajun food)
            -The Bay- decent eatery with everything from soup and sandwich to pizza and steak.

            1. re: brookeshoko

              the bay is decent do yourself a favor and check out either Montana's Rib and Chop House in livingston ive eaten there at least 15 times and have never been disappointed and the House Margaritas are amazing!!! Land of Magic in Logan or The sacajewea Inn in 3 Forks are also worth the little extra driving time. and come on Bozeman, lets get something we can brag about alreADY!!!!

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