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Mar 20, 2010 11:49 AM

Heirloom Tomato Seedlings?

Taking things one step removed from eating, I'm looking to grow some tomatoes this year. I've tried doing it from seed and had not so good results (as living in apartments has restricted my sun, location and all that), but I can often get a good result if I start from a seedling.

Does anyone know any greenhouses/garden shops/farmers who sell heirloom tomato seedlings? I'm in Union County, but willing to travel up to an hour or so to find a few plants. Thanks!

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  1. will have them, as well as the nearby Great Swamp nursery (sorry, don't have a link).

    1. Not sure if it's too far, but regardless, I'll just note that I got several great varieties last spring from Matt's Farm Market on 18th Ave in Belmar.

      1. I haven't been here (yet), but plan on going this year. This place does mail order, but you can visit their location in Rosemont. They seem to specialize in pepper plants, but have a wide variety of tomato, including heirloom plants.

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          A word of warning: You should go on their website and pre-order. Because so many people do, they are often sold out by the time planting season arrives.

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            Have to second (third?) Cross Country Nurseries, they do a fantastic job.

            Interestingly enough, Janie, the owner of the nursery who goes by the moniker "Chile Goddess" doesn't much like spicy food! (She is in the group photo of Chileheads here:



            Cross Country Nurseries
            199 Kingwood Locktown Rd, Stockton, NJ

          1. I've had very good luck with mail order from The Tasteful Garden in Alabama - Excellent selection and very healthy plants, packed to ensure safe delivery.