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Mar 20, 2010 10:44 AM

3 Steeple St. Restaurant - Another landmark Closed

Another Providence landmark for more than 40 years has closed - 3 Steeple St. Bar & Restuarnt in downtown Providence (corner of Canal and Steeple Sts.). According to their facebook page, the landlord evicted them.

My friends and I were regulars at 3SS from 1989-2003- going every Saturday night (sometimes Friday nights as well). We continued to go for a while after the new owners took over in early 2003, but the place really lost it's identity and it's charm (it was trying to become a more 'upscale' restaurant like 'X0' and 'Mills"). The menu was not as interesting and the prices were pretty high. The last time I went was this past December before we went to Trinity Rep on a Thursday evening... the restaurant was empty, the service had much to be desired, and the food was mediocre(and expensive).

I know others have had mixed experiences there in the past seven years as well. Still, it's sad to see this landmark closed. It would be nice if the old owners took it back and made it 'the old SS'.

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  1. I'm certainly no expert on the subject but....what the hell was the landlord thinking? In this economy, can he possibly have another tenant lined up for all that space?

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      I have to say it is an excellent location, and in one of the 'hot' areas for restaurants - being near the colleges, downtown, and Waterfire. It was renovated seven years ago when the new owners took over, so there's probably not much needed to do inside (the outsode of the building just went under a massive renovation as well). It's a move-in space, so I have a feeling that he won't have a problem - especially with any small restaurant looking to open a second location. ..or one of our existing venues looking for a change.

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        My wife and I used to frequent this spot in the 80's when we were visiting my sister in law and alway's had a good time and a good meal. We still talk about it being the most visited restaurant when we were there. I think the last time was in 2002 and we still enjoyed ourselves, along with a 4 year old. Sad and sorry in a sorta far off way!


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          Heard this past week that 3 Steeple has been bought by one of the local sandwich shops. Can't recall what the name was but it appears that the location won't be vacant for long. 3 Steeple's facebook page seems to paint the landlord as pretty evil. Too bad, it was a nice little place.

    2. A new restaurant might be going in there called Fat Bellies

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      1. re: Frank Terranova

        Fat Bellies? Is this an established restaurant, or something new? Are the owners involved in the restaurant industry already? Is this the 'sandwich' shop?

        Please spill some "crumbs" our way!

        1. re: OOliver

          I said Maybe just in hearing. fat Bellies is owned by a friend of mine who taught at J&W he struck on his own to open an Irish Pub on the entrance to Goddard Park Its a nice place for good Burgers different beers, grilled Pizzas the usual pub food but very good, He use to own Sophias Tuscan Grill in Warwick Well Fat Bellies too off so fast he opened another one on Main St in EG then a Bagel place on Main St Now there are three more opening the newest one on South County Trail He will do well in Narra area there isnt much in pubs with decent burgers and good beer other than crazy burger or Mills they are a C+ at best. Thats all I know but it cane from a reliable source.

          Main St Cafe
          232 S Main St, Randolph, MA 02368

          Irish Pub
          16 Route 28, West Harwich, MA 02671

          1. re: Frank Terranova

            I thought the name sounded familiar, that's why I asked. I hope it works out for him in Prov - we could use a spot like that!

      2. Wow - what a bummer. I have fond memories of very pleasant meals there with my parents, who both loved the place. Easy-going atmosphere and food. Nothing too challenging but it felt a bit more special than a pub, so for us, it filled a niche.

        And now onto the new...I'm sorry, but Fat Bellies is a horrible name (I've seen other Fat Bellies and they are deli/sandwich places). It doesn't sound befitting that gorgeous old space. Can something be done about the name?! And, more importantly, the level of the food will also rise to the level of the history of the space.