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Mar 20, 2010 08:45 AM

Uxbridge, MA: IronStone's Tavern is finally open.

They opened for breakfast & lunch yesterday, 3/19/2010. Opening for dinner 01 April. They keep the bar open now until 6:00 p.m. so that you can visit, enjoy a drink and have a look at the improvements. The breakfast and lunch menus are varied and promising. For those who have not been following its progress, this was the old Oyster Cabin restaurant on Rt. 146A (old Rt. 146), just off the Rt. 146 North exit #1.

Oyster Cabin
785 Quaker Hwy, Uxbridge, MA 01569

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  1. I hope this place works out - The Olde Oyster Cabin under Chris and Christine Phaneuf was a fine place and a mecca for good cuisine in a dearth of other eats. My wife and I had many great meals there - often sampling an assortment of appetizers in place of entrees and it worked out fine. The Douglas Historical Society often hosted their holiday dinner there and the restaurant offered great value and accommodating service at a competitive price.

    Best of luck to the new owners,


    Oyster Cabin
    785 Quaker Hwy, Uxbridge, MA 01569

    1. Fantastic!!! The whole stretch of 146 from North Smithfield to Worcester is such a dead zone for food. Beginning w/the really bad Pinelli's, and ending w/the chains in Millbury, the only things that are even possibilities in that area are Alicante, Blackstone Nat'l golf course and.....that's it I think.

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        Isn't there a wine joint somewhere in there? Blanking on the name.

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          If there is a wine joint in there, PLEASE clue me in!!!

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            I was a bit off. I was thinking of Vintage, in Woonie, but that's not all that close to 146, is it?

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              No, not really. I'm pretty much a Vintage regular, but when I need something in that NS to Worc 146 corridor, I like it to be right there.

      2. I really liked the O.C. I believe the new owners also own a breakfast place(Mom's?) so I wouldn't expect O.C. quality or theme.

        1. Finally, after driving by almost every day the doors are open! I couldn't wait to go but told my wife we should wait a couple of months and let the kinks get worked out. Well it's Easter Eve and we were hungry and decided to forgo the couple of month wait.

          We entered Ironstones and the OOC charm was replaced but still retained some of the OOC familiarity. We had to “wait to be seated” and we did wait… Finally got greeted and seated. Our waitress took our drink order while we looked over the menu. The dinner menu was varied salads, sandwiches, wrap, burgers and comfort food (chicken pot pie, meatloaf, Sheppard’s pie, American Chop Suey).

          My wife was craving Eggplant Parm, luckily for her it was one of the specials. I settled for the Virginian (basically a ham sandwich with lettuce, tomato & mayo). We put the order in and my wife’s salad shortly followed. It was a basic side salad, lettuce, tomato & cucumber, nothing to write home about.

          After about a 25 minute wait the entrees finally arrived. I literally had to pick my wife’s jaw off the floor. It was a pile of spaghetti (not linguini or penne) with 2 cheese covered slices of eggplant (the size of silver dollar pancakes). She was beside herself. My Virginian arrived and I was taken back to my grammer school days. Ham sandwich was on Wonder Bread and the tomato was green… In Ironstones defense, my wife said that the Eggplant was delicious (she asked me to try, but if I did there’d be none left for her) and the Ham in the sandwich was above average.

          When our waitress inquired about our meal my wife explained that the dish should have been called spaghetti with eggplant. That way the person ordering it would realize that meal was pasta with a taste of eggplant, not the other way around. At that time my wife also assured Our waitress the eggplant was delicious just not the main part of the dish. She took our comment to the chef and did tell us she expected that they would give her more eggplant but no such luck.

          To my wife’s way of thinking it’s like ordering prime rib w/ two sides and when it come to the table you have a mound or mashed potatoes and 2 bites or prime rib, wouldn’t you think the dish be called mashed potatoes and prime rib?

          The wait service was average, the serve time was very poor and pricing was affordable.
          If you’re in the mood for American/pub fare drive on by Ironstones and go to Gator’s Pub.

          1. The original comment has been removed