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Mar 20, 2010 08:05 AM

Albany: Aangan Indo-Nepalese?

It will be in the old Ferratt's. Anyone know anything else about it?

854 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706

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  1. Funny, I just noticed that today, too. Solano is turning into a little Nepal. :-)

    1. I went by today. The owner gave me a paper menu but it had food on it. He seemed a little confused when I asked for a clean one. There were 2 tables occupied. I don't know much about Indian food but from the little I know it seems like it might be southern cuisine. Could some hounds who are knowledgeable about Indian food take a look at his web site and see? I didn't eat there yet. I wanted to find out more.

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        Rightstar, nothing South Indian here...just pure Punjabi/North Indian dishes, some chaat options, and some Nepali/Himalayan dishes too, like momos. Prices look good. I'll go try the veg momos this weekend, probably. Are the owners Nepali?
        Was there something specific you were wondering about the menu?

        1. re: MissVeg

          The second page of the menu has dosas, sambar and uttapam, which are South Indian, I think.

        2. re: rightstar

          Well, the testimonial on the site is hilarious. The Gordon Ramsey of Indo-Nepalese cuisine. Ya think someone from the restaurant wrote it?

          Can't answer your question but there are a few dishes I haven't seen before ... though this is not my forte

          A chicken dish served in rich gravy, common Nepali household.


          I am guessing they bought some sort of canned website, and they never looked at the "About Us" section ... unless they really are also serving risotto.

          1. re: rworange

            Yo, rw.
            That site is the graveyard of restaurants, like Afghanistan is the graveyard of generals. Maybe someday some genius opens a nice parrillada there, so Shep doesn't have to drive to Richmond for a grilled chix fix.

        3. I've been to Aangan about 5 times since they opened. Our family eats a lot of Indian/Pakistani food and their Saag Paneer is now our hands down favorite. The chicken tandoori was also outstanding...very juicy not dried out at all. Neither of those dishes were not particularly spicy, which our 5 year old liked...the Nepalese influence I imagine. The chicken momo's were new to us (steamed dumplings with a thicker skin) and tasty, especially the spicy dip that came with it! Oh, and there was this side dish...I think it was called Aloo Ko Acchar, a cold dish that is basically potatoes in a VERY spicy, but refreshing green sauce...we now order it everytime. The plain nan is in the good to great, but not outstanding category. The chicken biryani was too plain for my taste. We plan to try more menu items over the coming months. As a point of reference, we love to eat at Kabana and VIK's in Berkeley.

          Kabana Restaurant
          1106 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

          854 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706

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          1. re: karoshi

            Aloo Ko Achar! Thanks for mentioning this dish. I love the version at the Nepali restaurant in Santa Rosa (it's a complimentary side dish), so I'll be very interested in trying it at Aangan.

            854 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706