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Mar 20, 2010 07:41 AM

Restaurant Now Closed Northwest Hwy and Hillcrest

I am hoping somebody here can help.

There was at one time a small place on the corner of Northwest Hwy and Hillcrest that served pizzas and burgers that has been gone for at least 3 or 4 years now. The burgers were charbroiled and very good. I never had any of their pizzas though. If memory serves me correct they had bottled beer but I do not remember draft.

What was the name of that place? Did they relocate or just go out of business?

Thanks for any help.


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  1. There was Slider and Blues in the building that was once Cactus Jacks or Eazys (or something like that- there was one in Austin also on Lamar accross from Central Market)in the building that was once Kips Big Boy.

    Slider and Blues Restaurant
    3930 Glade Rd, Colleyville, TX 76034

    1. I think RobbnTX might mean EZ's or, like fixer wrote "or, something like that".

      1. The place was called EZ's. It was located in a former Kips Big Boy. Here is a link showing the building on a website celebrating "Googie" architecture:

        This is a link to EZ's corporate website. I did not see any locations left in Dallas.

        1. The restaurant was EZ's, founded by Cappy Lawton out of San Antonio in the 90's. It was very good, and still is in San Antonio. In fact, Cappy has a number of good restaurants in San Antonio, particularly Cappy's on Broadway in Alamo Heights. My understanding is that once venture capitalists became involved with EZ's in the late 90's the company over expanded and made some poor location choices, ultimately scaling back - to the detriment of Dallas families. It was a great place to take kids - and their chicken Caesar salad was one of the best.

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            overresearched: Many thanks for the Google link with the pics of EZ's. I loved EZ's! Both the food and the decor. Dallas always seems to lose what they need the most. A good "diner" type environment.

          2. They demolished the EZ's building, a really neat Mid-Century googie buidling, and built a new 7-11 (right next door to an already existing 7-11). Preservation Dallas and others in the community tried to persuade the company to reconsider, but for naught.

            Too bad. EZ's was pretty good and the building was even better. It still makes me sick to think about it.


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              Yep, the EZ's was a converted Kip's. ... The closing of Kip's in the 80's and the more recent demolition of the building were cultural and architectural losses. Maybe someone will say the same of 7-11 someday, although I doubt it. .... As an aside, as much as I like EZ's, I'd take a good Kip's burger and shake over the EZ's Caesar salad or Beanburger (another great dish) any day! ... Perhaps I am just sentimental.