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Mar 20, 2010 06:42 AM

Tokyo: Setagaya Ward- futako tamagawa station-any recommendation

I will travel to Tokyo again on April. May need to stop by the Futako Tamagawa station at Setagaya Ward during noon time. I am not familiar with that area. Can anyone recommend any decent place for lunch?

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  1. This place is pretty good:

    Nagano pork, Karuizawa veggies and great coffee.

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    1. re: coldicott

      Hi coldicott:

      Thanks for the recommendation. But I am looking more for Japanese comfort food for lunch rather than cafe style European food.

    2. Hirata Bokujo in the Takashimaya. In the link, there's more information on shops in the Takashimaya complex.

      And here's a map from Tabelog covering a bunch of places.

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      1. re: E Eto

        Hi Eto:

        Thanks for the reply. Not a big fan of tonkatsu. But the map from Tabelog is certainly very helpful. I think I may just try 蔵月; have not had motsunabe for a long time, the pictures of the offals look good too:

          1. re: Uncle Yabai

            Not exactly my type of comfort food. It is ok, but I just have 10 meals in Tokyo, so it will not be included. Even Butagumi did not impress me.

            1. re: FourSeasons

              If Butagumi did not impress, I think you and tonkatsu aren't made for each other. Too bad, but c'est la vie.

      2. I've only been to this joint for the umeshu and tofu, so can't properly vouch for it, but it was fun, atmospheric and the grub I had was good:

        They have themed 5-dosh sets - tofu or fish or can't remember what else.

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        1. Kami-noge is just down the road. If you feel unagi might hit the comfort food spot, then try Kikukawa: