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Mar 20, 2010 05:08 AM

ISO appetizer combo of cheese and honey

Hi everyone. I need a recipe for a group appetizer using cheese and honey. I've seen some good combo's but can't seem to find the recipes or links. This is for an agape meal on Maundy Thursday so I have some time. thanks in advance

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  1. Oh, oh. When I was in Rome I was served runny Gorgonzola (dolce I think?) and honey on slices of crusty French bread and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

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      I agree- this is a SERIOUSLY good combination. Can also serve with apples and pears in addition to persimmons and bread.

    2. add some sliced persimmons to that and you have heaven on earth.

      1. I love goat cheese, and honey. I really love risotto. So.... I saw this and I now can't wait to make these. I love Spring, what a perfect time for honey and goat cheese!
        The crispy risotto balls with honey, & goat cheese sound divine!

        Also I wanted to add that a party incorporating and honoring your local honey would be fun, and if you are lucky to have local wines even better.
        Thanks for the great inspiriation for a Spring party! Oops just realized yours was a church function. Well they drink at Catholic events occassionally...oops., sorry!

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          We're Episcopalian and wine is always on the menu (for evening affairs anyway)!
          I was thinking of incorporating figs as well, Maybe a fig compote?

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            Blend honey and cream cheese and whip it into a creamy/fluffy mass. Spread over crostini and top with fig compote.

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              Goat cheese blended with a little honey and chopped fresh rosemary, then topped with fig jam. The best!

              1. re: janeh

                This is what we did, minus the rosemary, and also did a honey cream cheese for kids. Everyone loved it! Thanks all! WF is going to sell a lot of fig jam this weekend.

          2. I went to an affair once where they had the top rind sliced off of a large brie, which was under a heat lamp and drizzled with honey. I heat it and serve with both crackers and granny apple slices.

            1. Endive leaves, sprinkled with Gorgonzola (or any favorite blue cheese) drizzled with honey. I've found the spiced nuts to be optional - also can replace with diced pear or apple, but definitely good with only three good ingredients.