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Mar 20, 2010 04:43 AM

Singapore supermarkets

Greetings all--

Just wondering what the best supermarket would be in Singapore. Im looking for mainly imported/gourmet foodstuffs. Maybe something along the lines of Food Hall in Bangkok?



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  1. Unfortunately, Singapore doesn't have anything which approaches the scale of the Food Hall in Bangkok.
    I'd think the best supermarket for imported (mainly American goods) is Tanglin Market on the basement of Tanglin Mall.
    Two good supermarkets for Japanese items: Isetan (Scotts Rd) and Meidi-ya (Liang Court). Smaller purveyors of imported gourmet items include Jasons (Orchard Towers) & Tierney's (Serene Centre).

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    1. re: klyeoh

      Too bad, and Im a little surprised Sin wouldnt have somethng like foodhall. Oh well. Ok Ill check that one out. Thanks for the tip!

      1. re: gaharu

        There used to be a Sogo Food Hall in Paragon, but on a smaller scale.

        You may also wish to check out the Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City) basement 2 area - I forgot to mention it! That'll probably be the closest we'd get to BKK's Food Hall here.

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          Yeah, sad isn't it? For a proclaimed food paradise, Singapore does lack in such establishments for those looking to do some quality home cooking. klyeoh has probably got it all down, personally I also love Meidi-ya's imported Japanese selection. For added convenience, Cold Storage Specialty stores around the island also have a better imported selection than other supermarkets. The one near where I used to live was 24 hours as well.

    2. i haven't seen the foodhall in Bangkok but i will try to share what i know.
      recently i was introduced to (for orders about SGD100, they deliver to your home), they sell all sorts of stuff and their parent company supplies to many hotels and restaurants around Singapore. I ordered some frozen mushroom raviolis and all just to try the service and quality, it is not too bad. Went for some classes and they bought the sashimi grade shrimps and scallops (the scallops look huge), and the quality is sashimi grade. So you can try that.

      Otherwise, one can go to Dempsey Road. They have: Culina, Jones the Grocer and Hubers Butchery there. For Baking stuff: Sun Lik (for Varlhona Chocolates etc) and Phoon Huat for best bet.

      I agree its a hassle finding gourmet products here.. you just have to run a few places to get everything sorted.

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        Oh yes, forgot about Jones the Grocer. They have quite a decent selection there as well.