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Mar 19, 2010 10:32 PM

Oak Fire Pizzeria in WEHO

This used to be Stone Fire. I went last night during happy hour (5-7). Yummy! Thin crispy crust - try the honey-wheat, I did and was so pleasantly suprised. Cocktails 50% off, all appetizers are $5 (even the filet/bacon wraps), great beer for $4, wine is happy hour priced too (just can't remember the price) and the WOOD fired pizzas ($10) are GREAT! I had Chicken Pesto and friend had Wild Mushroom. Both fantastic. This is not deep dish or thick crust pizza. So good - I will go back!

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  1. Forgot to add - SERVICE WAS GREAT TOO! Attentive and friendy. Got a taste of a couple of beers to decide. Server suggested this.

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      Been hoping to try out the weho location, thanks!

    2. I'm assuming this is the same as the one in Sherman Oaks, right?

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        The same one that is currently under construction just west of Marche, near the corner of Dixie Canyon. Formerly the Fondue joint.

      2. Try the mini burgers on Wednesday nights. The truffle one was totally overwhelming but the others were good.

        I am a huge fan of their honey-wheat tomato pizza but when we ordered a margherita the other night, it was undercooked and I noticed that most of the pizzas coming out of the kitchen were undercooked as well. I'll have to insist on a little more well done next time.

        1. I drive by this place everyday on my way to work and noticed that they put up a new sign this week announcing a bunch of lunch specials for under $10... I hope to go back soon and check those out too!