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May 22, 2005 10:13 PM

Buy fresh cream?

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I am trying to find fresh, unpasteurized cream. Any ideas?

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  1. Try Lassen's Natural Foods in Simi Valley. They may have a line to Steuve Brothers which is the only dairy around that still sells raw milk.

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      There are actually a number of producers that sell raw milk in California, including Organic Pastures. According to their webpage, all their products are raw, unpasteurized and unhomogonized. I've linked below a list of Los Angeles area retail outlets (including many Whole Foods Stores) that carry Organic Pastures products. For more raw milk producers in CA check out


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        I actually purchased a pint of Organic Pastures raw cream today at Whole Foods on Fairfax and Santa Monica. I am making some cultured butter and thought I'd splurge the $13.00 for a pint. It was so expensive that I only bought the pint and halved the recipe. Well, the pint bottle was labeled as 470 mL, but actually only contained 420 mL. I had to readjust my recipe and, to say the least, I was really disappointed. So much so that I wrote to the company. For that amount of money, you'd think they'd deliver what they promised on the label.

        1. re: steen

          I would NOT recommend this companies products under ANY circumstances. If you want WELL-sourced raw dairy, I recommend the Raw garage/coop, in Venice, next to Groundworks, Wednesdays noon-8, Saturdays 9-2.

    2. A good cream that's pasteurized but not ultra pasteurized is the "heavy cream" that Trader Joe's sells, and it's much more affordable than the raw milk cream. I use it for ice creams and other applications where maximum volume and fresh taste are desired.

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        I second the TJ's cream. Wonderfully thick, so much so that there is a "plug" of thicker cream at the top that I have to shake into the cream below when I first open it.

        Mother's Markets in OC carry raw organic cream. I believe I've seen it at Whole Foods, too. About $14 a pint, I think.

      2. I believe that it was Organic Pastures cream that JudiAU recommended some time ago. I picked some up at Whole Foods and found it devilishly rich. Delicious. And pretty pricy at about $10 a pint but worth it for a treat.

        1. Organic Pasture is excellent. Sold at Whole Foods and a couple of health food stores. Whole Foods also sells raw cream from another producer as well. Call before you go. Selection varies.

          If the raw cream is out of your price range, the organic cream from Strauss is also very good. Sold at some WF.