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Mar 19, 2010 10:30 PM

soft food suggestions for braces

hey there!

my lil sister got braces recently and basically everything hurts to eat. i'd like to hear some suggestions if any would be so kind, cause i sure as heck can't think of a lot...

so far i've made her a steamed beef dish. the beef was seasoned, put through the food processor until it was a paste, then steamed with some chinese marinade sauce and tiny bits of green onion and ginger. was thinking of the chinese steamed ground pork with salted fish and duck eggs dish, but this is definitely a very far, far, far off take. that came out really soft, but for sure would taste better with pork.
i've also given her some tofu and seawood soup, japanese curry, rice porridge/gruel, and of course, fruit smoothies.

aside from mashed potatoes (which would happen if i had some milk in the house), any help is appreciated. suggestions for making nutritious meals are much welcome (cause living off of junk or sweets would be bad).

thanks a bunch in advance!

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  1. Two of my kids had braces; it only hurts for about a week...they lived off toasted oatmeal, spaghetti and soup. Anything that has to be chewed is going to irritate her. After a few days, she'll start to be able to chew soft things without too much pain

    1. how about a spinach souffle? Soft scrambled eggs will work, as well. And of course any sort of soup; you can puree it before serving (although if the soup has several different green veggies in it, the color could be rather odd once pureed).

      1. What a sweet sibling you are! I'm not sure I have any ideas different than those on these threads, though the reasons for needing the soft food diet were different:

        1. Cottage cheese with or w/o pureed fruit
          Yogurt, you can add hummus to make it savory or jam to make it sweet
          soft bread with cream cheese
          Blend semi-soft food like pasta

          She can try to chew very slowly when any kind of soft chewing is needed.

          I myself have braces right now for a short period. They would be coming off in 2 months phew..

          1. frittatas (made in little muffin cups)
            cheese blintzes
            yogurt with cereal mixed in (allow cereal to get soggy)
            lentil/bean/barley salads

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              oh, blintzes are a great idea - and spinach souffle. i got my braces almost a month ago and i am still not able to chew lots of things (they're adjusting my bite so my molars don't meet)

              i have been having no problem with sweets (my contribution is below) but having a difficult time finding tasty savoury recipes that aren't basically "take whatever you eat normally and put it in a blender"

              risotto is great though, and quiche (although i'm getting tired of eggs) and i am going to try eggplant parmigana.

              self-saucing chocolate pudding
              Easy recipe magically separates into a chocolate cake with chocolate sauce bottom!

              1 cup flour
              1/2 cup sugar
              6 TBS cocoa
              1 TBS baking powder
              1 tsp salt
              1/2 cup water
              1/2 cup oil
              1/2 cup chocolate chips
              1 tsp vanilla
              1/2 cup sugar
              1/2 cup cocoa
              2 cups hot water

              Combine first five dry ingredients, stir in wet ingredients. Mix in chocolate chips. Divide between 4 greased oven-proof 2-cup bowls.

              Combine remaining sugar and cocoa; add hot water and mix until dry ingredients are dissolved. Pour evenly over batter in the four bowls.

              Bake at 375F for 25 minutes. Allow to cool 5 minutes before serving - the sauce is hot! It's nice served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to keep you from burning your mouth.

              i will check out the other threads too!