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Chinese Food and Take-Out/ Order Always Right?


I have never in all my years had a incomplete or changed order when it comes to Chinese food.Ever.

I have asked a few friends through the yrs if this is a common occurrance for them too and in most cases it has been.(Sometimes I just ask odd questions).

Anyway,my girlfriends daughter-in-law is expecting and 7 of us ordered a bunch of food while we planned her baby shower.Chinese food.Everything was just as we ordered it.

I asked the question that I have asked many times before.Do you always get exactly what you ordered when you order Chinese food? The answer was 100% yes.

I have had take-out from many different places,including,but not limited to McDonalds and I can't say the same for any other type of cusine other than Chinese.

Are my friends and I just Lucky? What experience have you had with take out Chinese?Same?Not even close?


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  1. My experience varies. If you order by number, it is almost always correct. If you order by name of dish it is 95% correct. BUT, if you ask for changes in the composition of a dish (leaving something out or adding an item) 85 % correct.

    My worst track record was with a local restaurant who hired American kids to man the phones. The order was always wrong. The American kids understood the customers, but couldn't communicate to the Chinese staff.

    All that said, 2 weeks ago, we received an order that was all wrong, they stapled our order sheet to someone else's bag.

    1. being British originally it was Indian take-away/delivery that we pretty much always ordered and I would say that it was 95% right.

      Now can we get the drive thru MickyD's Wendys and BKs to manage to get just one order correct??????????? How many times have you got home or back to work or even left the drive thru and there's not too much right?

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        McDonalds doesn't care what you order. They give you what they want you to have. One morning, three of us at work all had to take our breakfast back to McDonalds to have it corrected. We were all given completely wrong orders. Nothing even resembled what we ordered.

      2. As the OP hinted at,when discussing this it's important to take into consideration the number of people a person typically orders for, assuming each diner is getting a different dish. A single person will presumably order fewer dishes and experience an accordingly lower rate of errors.

        Ordering for myself, I've always been amazed at how low the rate of errors with Chinese takeout and delivery orders has been. The orders have been correct in excess of 99.9% of the time. I can only recall 3 or 4 times when there was a problem. I typically order an appetizer and a couple of entrees.

        My McDonald's and pizza chain takeout orders have also had very low error rates - zero errors for pizza and nearly zero for McDonald's - but the number of Chinese takeout/delivery orders I've made has been much, much greater, so the Chinese restaurant error rate is the more impressive.

        1. We order from the same Chinese-Canadian place about once a month, and even though we ask for a couple of substitutions in the "Family Dinner For Four", we have never had a problem. That's been going on for over ten years.

          1. WE get our orders right too. Usually, they tell me my order back which really is good.

            McDonalds has screwed up my salad several time.

            1. I've rarely had problems with Chinese takeouts except for occasional problems with customized orders. I also used to take phone orders and pack them at my parent's restaurant when I was younger. We had hundreds of items on and off the menu, so we had to be extra careful to ensure that the item went to the correct order.

              1. It had never occurred to me, but come to think of it, your experience jibes with mine. Orders from Chinese restaurants always correct; orders from fast food joints incorrect probably 33% of the time and that number is getting worse. Popeye's and Whataburger are the worst offenders.

                1. It's interesting that you should ask that question. When I was growing up in Northwest Indiana, I had exactly the opposite experience. Several different Chinese restaurants screwed up our orders about one time out of five. We learned to check the contents of the bag before leaving the restaurant.

                  We were a big family and ordered lots of dishes, so as someone noted above, this may have had something to do with it. Most frequently the restaurant left out items which we had ordered, but did not charge for them, either. Sometimes, though, they gave us completely different dishes than what we had asked for. Usually it was just one dish that was wrong.

                  However, come to think of it, a Chinese restaurant has not screwed up my order in the last twenty years or so, but then, it is usually just me or my girlfriend and I ordering, now.

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                    For chinese food, I would say 95% reliability in the order. The award for worse delivery service imo would go to St-Hubert, a local rotisserie chicken chain here in Quebec, not only their delivery sometimes takes forever, they have the worse record as far as personnal experiences in terms of reliability of the order. Ask for 2 legs dinner, you get one leg one breast, I once ordered ribs + other meals, they forgot the ribs, and considering that their delivery takes so long, by the time I got the missing ribs, everybody else was done with dinner.

                  2. It might just be small business mentality. Those takeout restaurants are usually individually owned so the people there generally have a stake in getting it right.

                    There are also so many takeout places that it becomes easy to vote with your feet if they gum up the order. I find it hard to make any distinction between one place or another at face value. I sometimes get a bad vibe if the place is too clean, similarly to what seem to be the best backwater bbq joints.

                    1. A bit off topic, but everytime I ordered Chinese for take-out no matter what I order, I'm always told 10 minutes. I think if I ordered the whole menu, I would be told 10 minutes.

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                        That's because the dishes are usually cooked in five minutes. :-) Seriously, stir-fried dishes can be cooked in less than five minutes. All the ingredients have been pre-cut. The woks usually run close to 100,000 BTU (household ones usually don't exceed 12,000 BTU). Ordering steamed or boiled foods is slower. Sometimes, they might have a backlog of other orders.