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Mar 19, 2010 07:43 PM

DC on Business Next Week..Near Crystal City Marriott at Reagan National

Will be in DC for a quick trip. Staying only one night. Have meetings on the hill and need a place to grab dinner by myself either by Capital or by Marriott Crystal City on Jefferson Davis Parkway on Monday Night. Seafood, a good steak or local fare.

Also need a nice place to unwind by capital to have a few cocktails before heading to airport. Heard good things about Ebbitts..

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  1. end of trip wind-down drinks - Ebbitt isn't by the Capitol, but it is sort of on the way to National. near the Capitol you have a choice along Penn SE ranging from nice (Sonoma) to dive-y in a good way (Tune Inn) and several points in between.

    for dinner over in CC walking isn't always easy (was designed for cars) but you have a Jaleo. on the North side of the Hill near Union Station there's Johnny's on the Half Shell.

    1. There's Jaleo and Ted's Montana Grill on Crystal Drive, and Legal See Food on the corner of 23rd street and Jeff Davis Hwy. Across Jeff Davis on 23rd street is an entire street of local restaurants.

      Ted's Montana Grill
      2200 Crystal Dr Ste A, Arlington, VA 22202

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        If you're staying at the Marriott, and your expense budget allows it, there's a Morton's in the underground mall that is connected to the hotel.

        1. re: Henry Spencer

          If you are interested in higher end italian, there is Kora's right down from Jaleo.