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Mar 19, 2010 07:35 PM

Been to How to Cook a Wolf lately?

Recommendations? Suggestions? Appreciate any wisdom you can pass my way.

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  1. I went earlier this week. what do you want to know? we had escolar crudo, which is nearly constantly on the menu and it was delicious as usual-avocado and thin slices of pepper. the hamachi crudo with peas looked lovely. We had about 6 plates total--a brushetta, beet salad, red endive, lamb shank, and a skate. They were all well prepared.

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    1. re: cocktailhour

      I'm mostly confirming that they are maintaining their quality levels and wondering about their implementation of the "small dishes" concept. You had 6 plates among 2 people? Did that seem about right? Any standouts?

    2. I was there a couple months ago. The quality standards are still high, even though recently I have not been absolutely blown away by anything like I was the first couple times I ate there. I agree the escolar and hamachi crudos are outstanding. I also really really like the pasta served with garlicky olive oil and anchovies. The lettuce based salads are always great. For dessert we had a pear? cake. 6 plates will be enough for 2 people, even 4-5 depending on what you order and how hungry you are.

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        I would agree that the quaity is high, but I am no longer blown away--it is familiarity. We usually eat 6 small plates, or fewer small plates (3-4) and share a pasta. But it does really depend on what you order. The crudo is not hugely filling. The bruschetta (toppings vary) comes with 4 large pieces and split between two people is quite a lot. Their dishes are protein and fat rich, much less so on carbs (which I enjoy and find filling).