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Mar 19, 2010 06:43 PM

Staten Island Restaurant Sunday lunch Please Help

Hi, We are going to be a family of 12 and looking for a restaurant for this Sunday around 1:00
in Staten Island. Somewhere where we could sit for a while, preferably continental food, moderately priced, if they had round table to seat 12 that would be great, .
Thank you for your thoughts.
Have a happy and healthy,

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  1. I like Trattoria Romana on Hylan Blvd. Haven't been there in a while, but imagine your seating could be accommodated. Other Staten Island CH'ers get to more restaurants than I do, so I imagine you'll get more replies.

    Trattoria Romana
    1476 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305

    1. If you can get a last minute resv and if you consider $30 within your price range, I'd rec the Hilton Garden Inn. They offer a very good buffet brunch with 2 seatings. After you finish eating you can 'retire' to their very comfortable lobby where you can continue to hang out and chat or you can walk around their lovely gardens. We have spent many hours just enjoying their conversation nooks and comfy couches. There is no charge to linger as long as you wish. Once Brunch has been cleared, If you feel the need for additional refreshments, you can buy drinks at the bar.Plenty of self parking or valet if you wish.