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Mar 19, 2010 05:54 PM

What to make with leftover Corned Beef water?

I made Corned Beef this week using Michael Ruhlman's pickling spice recipe. The meat came out very tasty, as did the leftover water in which I simmered the beef (although it was a bit salty). I have about 6 cups worth of the water which I don't want to pour down the drain. What can I make with it? I've thought of making split pea soup without adding the ham bone. Any other ideas? Thanks!

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  1. i used leftover onion soup and chicken broth for my braising liquid for the corned beef this time and loved the flavor. you could caramelize a couple of large onions then add your leftover broth and simmer chunked carrots and cabbage if you're not tired of them.

    1. I braised cabbage in it - it was delicious.

      1. Oh geeesh I love.....these amazing "leftover" posts. I am waiting for the one who says " I spilled some sauce on the counter. tell me how I can make an amazing dish from the paper towel I cleaned it up with."

        Be that as it may.. yeah think bean/legume dishes/soups. Be prepared to see your 6 cups of "pour down the drain" worthy now expand into a dish that you will later ask us how to use up.

        Any leftover ingredient makes an inverse squared amount of a "new" dish.

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          Ha! I really shouldn't laugh since I am definitely not one of the better cooks here on this board, but these posts always crack me up too.

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            I read somewhere that because of the salt content, it would make an excellent drain cleaner....

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              I still remember the thread about what to do with leftover hot dog water. You wouldn't think there'd be so many ideas out there.

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                Here's a link to the, "What do you do with 'Hot Dog Water'?" thread:

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                  Thanks! I sorta looked, but ya know....;-) Amazing how the subject keeps popping up!

            2. Simmer some potatoes or rice in the broth; also, dried beans, pasta or drippings for gravy or au jus. It'll make great soup stock as well.

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                The OP said the water was a bit would that make a great soup stock or gravy?

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                  If you don't add any OTHER salt, it will make a great soup or gravy

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                    You've done this before?
                    I don't usually add any salt to soup stock or gravy (there's usually salt in the pan drippings from salting the meat).

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                      I have done it before; I also add salt to my gravy & soup stock but I will be mindful of that when I add my other ingredients so as not to add anymore in terms of other ingredients. I did make venison stock last week but did not add any salt or seasonings to that as I will add later when I incorporate into different applications.

                      If the OP's broth is a "bit salty", other ingredients in a soup could balance out the salt depending on what's used, such as adding fruit juice, cream, honey, etc.

              2. LOML always uses the Corned Beef stock, drained if course, as the base for minestrone. Once all the the ingredients for the minestrone get into the mix (which also includes more beef stock that has no salt) the resulting soup is seasoned perfectly.