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Mar 19, 2010 05:51 PM

Ramen noodles in Boulder/Denver- just the noodles.

Last month, we went goofy visiting the NYC Ramen houses, especially loving Ippudo. So, we are going to try and replicate at home.

So, we have the Momofuku cookbook, (and Kombu sheets, and chicken feet from Wisdom, and meaty pork necks from Long Family farms) and we are going to spend the weekend (soon) making the Ramen broth, and associated sub-recipes.

But I really don't want to make my own noodles, or skimp on them after spending so much energy creating everything else- any place in the area that makes them? And sells them?


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    1. re: tatamagouche

      Do you know for sure that Den Deli makes their own ramen noodles? I would assume they do, but I've only had them once and I might have been fooled.

      1. re: ToddBradley

        Yes, they do, and I think I was told at some point that they'd start selling them unprepared, to go, in their market.

    2. You might try Pacific Ocean Seafood Market in Broomfield, they have pretty much every kind of fresh, frozen and dried Asian noodle under the sun. Also, the Asian Seafood Market in Boulder (at Valmont and 28th) has lots of Asian noodles - I'm a fan of the frozen big, thick, chewy udon noodles there.

      These places don't make their own noodles in-house, so Den Deli is probably a better bet for that. But I'd bet if you try a couple of different brands, you can find something excellent at one of the markets.

      1. Thanks to you both- we planned on getting many of the ingredients from PO in Broomfield, I'll check the PO inventory again first, but after spending 2 days making a broth, I wanted to splurge on the right noodles, and it sounds like Den Deli is the spot.

        1. Just an update- we spent saturday and sunday making the broth, and it was awesome.

          We did get the noodles from Den Deli on Sunday- they were a little confused that we wanted just the noodles, but they had them pre-portioned for service, they picked a price of $3 each, a little steep, but we bought them anyway. They told me that they do not make them in-house, FYI.

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          1. re: cheesemonger

            Really—they told me in the beginning that they did. Wonder if it was just too difficult to maintain. Or if the clerks didn't know what they were talking about.

            They also told me they'd be selling them separately. Huh.

            Did they say where they get them?

            1. re: tatamagouche

              I didn't ask that followup . Every question required a trip to the kitchen to ask the chef- and it was time to go- we had mistakenly left the pot simmering when we left the house.

              1. re: cheesemonger

                Well, glad the experiment was successful in any case!