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Mar 19, 2010 04:25 PM

Menil collection area?

I'm visiting my sister in Spring, Texas and am going to make the trip into downtown to see the Menil collection for the day. Here are my questions (and thanks for any advice, in advance). Where near the Menil are places with great lunch and dinner options for vegetarians? Also, is there any place worth going out to eat in Spring? Thanks-- I live in Mexico so I'd rather have any other type cuisine.

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  1. The Menil is in the Montrose area. I used to work down there years ago but don't get down there much anymore so I can't give up-to-date recommendations on restaurants. I'd also point out that it's been suggested here on CH several times that many restaurants these days will do vegetarian on request, if that's good enough for you.

    Mango's is a vegan restaurant on lower Westheimer that's apparently been open a couple of years but I've never heard of; I don't think it's ever been mentioned here on CH but there is a website. That location would be about 10-12 blocks from the museum? Ones I have been to are Ziggy's Grill (used to be known as Ziggy's Healthy Grill I think) on Fairview and Hobbit Cafe (used to be known as the Hobbit Hole) on Richmond. Both those date back decades and are within about 10 or 12 blocks of the Menil, too. More recently Field of Greens has taken over Ziggy's original location on Alabama, about 15 blocks west of the Menil. There's also a Whole Foods Market just a few blocks west of Field of Greens. Personally I was never impressed by Ziggy's or Hobbit but there are others who rave about them.

    When I want vegetarian these days (I'm not one) I go out to Little India in the Hillcroft/South US 59 area or China Town on the far west side. In Little India there are several dedicated Vegetarian restaurants including Udipi Cafe, Bombay Sweets and Bhojan that I've been to. Bhojan is my favorite. It's Gujarati and awesome. Udipi is Southern Indian and very good. Bombay Sweets is a rather dumpy place with a cheap buffet (though not that much cheaper than Udipi or Bhojan) that I don't think comes close, although it is very popular. Udipi Cafe is much nicer and my second choice after Bhojan. Both have buffets for lunch but menu service is also available. There's another one in there, Sri Bhaji Bhaivan I think, which is another Udipi cuisine place that I've heard about but never been. Supposed to offer some really spicy hot dishes while Udipi Cafe is kind of toned down.

    By the way I was looking at a local restaurant review site,, and saw there's a Udipi Cafe on Mason Rd. in Katy so you might want to check that out.

    Lots of these have websites I think or you can go to that site I just mentioned and look up reviews and maps and sometimes profiles with more information.

    Good luck and enjoy your stay and the museum. If you make it to any of these let us know what you think, especially Mango's. I'm going to put that on my list of possibilities, too.

    EDIT: I posted this and saw those automatically generated listings pop up - that location of Ziggy's is closed.

    Ziggy's Healthy Grill
    2202 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098

    Field of Greens
    2320 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098

    Udipi Cafe
    4632 Fm 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77069

    1. Indika on Westheimer is a wonderful Indian restuarant with a number of vegetarian choices. Also, Ruggles Green on Alabama has several vegetarian options and is good for lunch or a casual dinner. The parking there is a problem, and I'd advise getting there very early (11:15-11:30) or very late (2) for lunch. You can check out reviews on Both are close to the Menil.

      516 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

      Ruggles Green
      2311 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098

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        You have MANY veg-friendly options near the Menil. Do you need to walk to the restaurant or do you have a car?

        While I adore the veg Indian restaurants near Hillcroft/59 (though I am not a fan of all), I would not recommend them if you are looking for something near the Menil.

        Let me know if you need to walk or if you can drive, and I can provide some ideas that are veg-friendly.