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Delray Beach - Not Atlantic Avenue!

We're in Delray Beach for our 3rd "Getaway from the Northeast". We're here for 3 weeks. We've eaten at almost every restaurant on Atlantic Avenue at least once. What we'd like to find are those places that the Delray Beach area natives think are good that aren't on Atlantic Avenue. We like just about anything but Indian food. We haven't found a good pizza place - we don't like Pizza Rustica or any coal-fired pizza. We're really looking for those good "neighborhood" places! We have a car, so traveling a 1/2 or so will work too. Looking forward to hearing what the Delray Beach area natives have in store for us!!

Pizza Rustica
6800 SW 57th Ave, South Miami, FL 33143

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  1. off Atlantic Ave try Bamboo Fire, if you google it you will get the address and telephone
    #. It's home cooked Caribbean food and it's really something different.

    1. I agree. Highly recommended is Bamboo Fire. Authentic Caribbean. Telephone: 954-907-4174

      1. Henry's on Jog Road between Linton Blvd and Clint Moore is always good. Reservations are suggested. For Italian try Tentazione Ristorante on Congress in Boynton Beach or Rocky's Italian Bistro on 5th Ave just South of Atlantic. If you like Greek, Tasso's on Atlantic just East of Military Trail.

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          Henry's is a great suggestion. Addison Shops South

          Casa Mia just along from Henry's is also nice and you might try Way Beyond Bagels in the North location of Addison shops for a snack at lunch or breakfast and sit outside or take over to Morikami across the street and view the lake.

          Sadly (for me) there is no Indian food in Delray.

          The brunch at the Holiday Inn on Sundays in Highland Beach A1A S of Delray is fab, make a reservation sit outside and feast for hours.

          Way Beyond Bagels
          16850 Jog Rd, Delray Beach, FL 33446

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            flfoodie - thanks for the Henry's recommendation. We did the Monday special, Fried Chicken, which we both enjoyed. We also tried the Henry's salad, which we didn't. I think we'll be back there before we head back north in a couple of weeks.

          2. Bamboo Fire: yummy, highly recommended
            Hurricane Alley: good burgers, a local place, oysters are quite yummy
            Joy Noodles WPB: great noodle place
            Guilty pleasure: Tacos al Carbon truck, SE corner of Lake Worth & Military
            Grandlake Chinese for decent dim sum & bettre-than-average authentic Chinese (also Singing Bamboo)
            Chicago Joe's for great Chi-style hot dogs (v close to Hurricane Alley)
            I love Maoz Falafel in the Glades Mall...

            Whatever you eat, enjoy!

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              BAFU - where is Grandlake Chinese?

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                Grandlakes is awesome. It's west of the turnpike about a mile on Okeechobee.

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                  Here you go: 7750 Okeechobee Boulevard West Palm Beach, FL 33411-2106 - (561) 681-1388

              2. Not too far from Atlantic, but I would definitely try DaDa's on Swinton Ave. Unique, quality good, good crowds and great service.

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                  Love Dada's. :)

                  Also, Salotto's on 4th Ave., right next door to Bamboo Fire Cafe. Great wine bar and Italian cooking. Try Tina's pasta carbonara. :)

                  Avoid Rocky's Italian restaurant/bar. OMG, horrid. Bottled caesar salad dressing, kraft parm cheese, good god, they were absurd! Pasta was ok, but not at all worth the dining experience.

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                    HDB107 - We had the guave-marinated chicken tonight and really like it. We also had the mozzarella, tomato, avocado and arugula salad which was also very good (could have used more arugula). Thanks for the recommendation, we'll be ordering from there again. For those folks curious about our ordering, my wife is on an organ transplant list and has a very restricted diet. Her restriction makes it impractical for us to order more than one appetizer or salad and one entree. Also, helps keep my weight in check ;-)

                  2. Thanks, to everyone, for all the suggestions. We've hit a "bump in the road". My wife has a pretty severe illness that has, unfortunately, flared up and her stamina just went to almost zero. That's putting us in a position of having to rely, for a some time, on take-out. I've gone to Boheme Bistro a couple of times and, while the meals were decent, it's not something we want to do every night for the next couple weeks. I'm going to try Henry's tonight. I'd appreciate any updates that would tell me if the places you've recommended are good for take-out. This also limits the distance for us to about 15 minutes or so driving time. I don't think anyone gave us a recommendation for a good pizza place. Are there none close by? I'd really appreciate any help you can give us, since we don't have real cooking facilities and my wife is basically immobile right now.

                    Boheme Bistro
                    1118 East Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33484

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                      Sorry to hear she's ill... hope she gets better soon.

                      I'm not sure if you are in east or west delray, but here are some pizza places

                      Nino's Pizza is near Henry's

                      Brooklyn Boys Pizza & Pasta, 9967 Glades Road on the NE corner of 441 & Glades Rd.
                      LOVE theirs!

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                        We're at the Residence Inn, a block or two from the beach.

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                          ooo, ok. back to the drawing board.

                          from what i understand, pizza places in east delray are lacking. I only know Boca. In east Boca, not too far from where you are, worstpizza's favorite place is Tucci's, which is near palmetto & federal, close to mizner park. But that's coal fired so...

                          Another east Boca place is LA Pizza, also across the street (2nd Street) from Mizner park, next to the post office. It's a tiny little place, more for lunch, that kind of thing or take out. No atmosphere, but I liked their pizza slices very much.

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                            La Pizza by Pino is (sadly) closed.

                            You might try Authentic Brooklyn Pizza on Palmetto just east of I-95

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                            the Manic Mushroom is close to the Residence Inn for pizza.
                            Try Bamboo Fire if you call them I betcha Beverly will do take out for you. Luna Rosa on A1A is close enough too and may box food to go. You can cook at the Residence Inn their kitchens are pretty good and you could drive to the Boys on Military and Atlantic for ready made in house meals.

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                              smartie, thanks for the ideas. The Residence Inn really isn't a good place for cooking in - 2 small cooktop burners, and only 2 pots for cooking. There is a microwave, but we haven't cooked with a microwave in 20+ years! It really is take-out for us.

                              1. re: smartie

                                smartie - my wife decided she'd like pizza tonight, so I went looking for "Manic" Mushroom and wound up having a pretty good laugh - it's "Mellow" Mushroom! Maybe you were in a "manic" state when you went there? Don't know if it's where we'll wind up doing take-out, but it was definitely worth the laugh!

                                1. re: RAGHOUND

                                  actually I usually call it the Magic Mushroom! It was a manic day at work. Glad you got a laugh.

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                                    We did get a "mega veggie" pizza last night - sans the green peppers, feta & tofu. It was good, not great, but good. We also the brutus salad - sans feta (these folks have a lot dishes with feta, which is not one of our favorite cheeses). We liked the salad also. Thanks for the tip.

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                                      MM's Kosmic Karma pizza is hard to beat. Sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, feta, fresh tomatoes and kosmic swirls of pesto. This is not NYC style pizza and the spring water dough/crust is what I like about it.

                                      1. re: freakerdude

                                        freakerdude - we followed you recommendation and the Kosmic Karma pizza was indeed really good! Thanks for the tip.

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                                          mmm....kosmic karma today for the arts festival. I have been a MM fan since 1985 when they were only 3 stores small in Hotlanta. Their quality is still spot on from their early beginnings.

                                          They do have a Thai Dye pizza that sounds very good - olive oil, basil, curry chicken, tomato, cucumber, onions, and thai sauce.

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                            You might try some takeout "comfort food" from the Blue Anchor British Pub, right over the Intracoastal Bridge. Oh wait, that's on the Ave. Okay... right next door, get some take out Italian from Carolina's. They are known for the coal fired pizza but I've had other dishes that were terrific. And the pizza is awesome too, you might want to give it a shot, maybe one of their specialty pies.

                          4. Ok if you have a car then try The old Key Lime inn in Lantana on Ocean ave. Not the Ocean ave in boyton beach. Its about 15 minutes north of Delray up US 1. You can google it. Its a great fun place. Good drinks and good food. The place is seperated into 3 places. One is Tiki bar with great bar style food. Nachos with shrimp or Fish and chips.
                            Then there is sports bar with TV to see all different games and then there is the resturant side.
                            Some of the best food in the area.
                            Try it you will love it. You can sit and look at the Intercostal while you eat. Just go on a nice night. Its all outside dining style. There are no walls.
                            Have a great time.

                            1. Sorry to hear about the change in plans. In the Addison Shops on Jog, there is a new take out market called the Green Gourmet which I haven't personally had but have heard great things about. And if you like Greek, we get take out from Tasso's all the time for lunch. There's also a cafe very close to you called Coco's which is supposed to be good for breakfast and lunch.

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                                fyi chef at Green Gourmet is former chef at henrys

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                                  I'm going to Green Gourmet right now for first time. Report coming soon...

                                  1. re: CFByrne

                                    CFB, how did it go? We've looked at the on-line menu and there seems to be a few things that we might like. Just wanted to get a first-timer's thoughts before we ventured over there for some take-out.

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                                    Went to Green Gourmet "Organic Market". It's a nice spot with tables inside and out. A flyer explains how even the building and furnishings are largely recycled / "Green". There's about a 15 foot display case with prepared food you can choose for heat-up and dine in, or take out.

                                    Table service is available for dine-in, or I think you can purchase and seat yourself if you like. Wine is available as well as a good variety of organic soft drinks. My waitress said they had three types of beer, something like "blonde, red and dark porter" or something. Oddly when I asked "who are they made by" she said "I don't know". They were not listed on the menu nor to be seen anywhere in the market so I stuck with my complimentary lemon/ginger flavored water.

                                    They also have daily special dinner menu which includes soup or salad. Wife had Flank Steak which came with caramelized onions and peppers and Squash Soup. I had Chix Parm over al dente whoe wheat penne and Tomatoa/Basil soup.

                                    The soups were exceptional, very flavorful and fresh tasting. Not cream based but as good as if they were.

                                    Wife's steak was served medium rare as ordered and was fine but not special. My chicken parm was nice - not breaded but covered in a tasty tomato sauce and topped with perfectly browned parm/mozz.

                                    It's noticable coming from east Delray that this area is heavily senior - I'm in my mid 50's and whenever wife and I go to Henry's or here it seems we are the youngest couple! Funny.

                                    That may be a reason why I'd say my main problem here was underseasoning. I like strong flavors, spices etc and perhaps in this kind of market you have to stay on the cautious side and let folks like me add S&P when served.

                                    Overall I'd say everything was good but this is just not the kind of place I personally would frequent. It may be perfect for many folks, your mileage may vary, go check it out.

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                                      is it a restaurant, a take out place, do they have other items to purchase? I guess I need to check it out.

                                      1. re: smartie

                                        It is a hybrid restaurant / take out place. If you are familiar with Brulee in east Delray, it is very very similar in concept (and execution). Lots of prepared dishes such as veggie lasagna, beet salad, baked salmon, where you can purchase various items to go by weight, or to eat in, by the portion.

                                        Ahhh here's a menu


                                        1. re: CFByrne

                                          CFB - thanks for the mention of Brule. I added that to my itinerary on my walk around town today and we ordered dinner there tonight. Had the Mushroom & Truffle Ravioli and the arugula salad. Both were very good. They'll be getting a return visit.

                                  3. Anyone know what's coming in at Kyoto's old site?

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                                      No idea. But I've always said East Delray could really use an Indian Restaurant. There's nothing within 10 miles (I'm not even counting Punjab in the motel on Federal Hwy). I'll try to peek in tomorrow morning when I go running.

                                      1. re: CFByrne

                                        I went for dinner at the Seagate Hotel - we had a set menu because it was a private dinner. It was nice but nothing special. Hard to tell with a short menu and I didn't get a chance to see their regular one.

                                        An Indian would be amazing in Delray but Americans are not so keen on Indian food, at least not in South Fl. The nearest one is Curries and More on Palmetto.

                                        1. re: smartie

                                          yes, the old Kyoto is way too big to be an Indian place anyway, that prob needs to be a small strip mall neighborhood joint to survive. Went past Kyoto, no clue on what it will be,,, but I realized what would work there...

                                          A cool hip Tex Mex or Mexican, such as Rocco's Tacos.

                                      2. re: Alfred G

                                        "Anyone know what's coming in at Kyoto's old site"

                                        Jan Norris does - and now we do too...

                                        "SoLita, the sexy restaurant-lounge affair from Las Olas in Broward, will take over the former Kyoto restaurant in Pineapple Grove by March, according to owner Steven Dapuzzo.
                                        “The space is beautiful and really lends itself to what we do,” Dapuzzo said.
                                        The Italian restaurant with a hot lounge scene on the weekends is something that’s needed in Delray Beach, despite the many good restaurants already there, Dapuzzo said."


                                        Las Olas Cafe
                                        922 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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                                          "SoLita, the sexy restaurant-lounge affair from Las Olas in Broward, will take over the former Kyoto restaurant in Pineapple Grove by March"

                                          Went by this morning... looks ready to debut. Tables set, menus stacked. Lots of black and white and it appears... ummmm... "elegant"-looking. Chandeliers even!

                                          Las Olas Cafe
                                          922 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

                                          1. re: CFByrne

                                            Here's the website.


                                            There's a website section just for "Papparazzi". OK that's about all I need to know...

                                            1. re: CFByrne

                                              The menu looks uninspired and over priced.... me thinks not

                                              1. re: CFByrne

                                                aha, this is the place with the paps! Blah.

                                        2. I love Boston's and have done take out from there. They have a great lobster pizza on the upper deck.