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Mar 19, 2010 03:33 PM

saporissimo in boca raton

ate there wednesday night with my mom. what a fine italian restaurant. the owner/chef greeted us like we were family and it kept getting better. we shared buratta, pasta with black truffles and bronzino. everything was fresh and delicious. the cheese was smooth and creamy, the pasta was homemade and redolent of truffle, and the fish was a simple preparation that was easy to eat. there are little sides that came with dinner, a little cheese sandwhich amuse, and veggies, potatoes and peppers with the meal. my mom, who has been in boca for 25 years was wondering how she had never heard of this place before. a great little italian slightly off the beaten path in boca raton. eat here!

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  1. I"m so glad you had a good experience - this is my favorite place in Boca. I'm beyond frustration with the IMHO "just good" restaurants up here, I've leveled into an acquired acceptance. The owner, is a riot a real sweet guy and the food is always consistent. I've had many of their wild game dishes as well as their pasta and it's been wonderful everytime. They have a chocolate torte that is incredible and I am nearly impossible to please when it comes to my chocolate, not many "outside" chocolate desserts are ever up to my standards.... I know, I know, total chocolate snob :)

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      Yes! I was just thinking about his deserts. This place is great. I love the game meats, too.

    2. The wife and I were just talking about the place this afternoon, reminiscing about the freshly made pasta with creamy truffle sauce.... yumm..... Also, love the shrimp in gorgonzola sauce in a parmesan cup. Love the complimentary Sambuca at the end.

      1. I haven't been in at least 2 years with my ex. I miss it so much. Must go back for the next special occasion!

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          off topic but anyone know what happened with the owners of trattoria on 18th st next to howards? did the owners open up somewhere else?

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            going back to boca to see mom in april, guess where we are going to eat?

        2. Sounds like they have new owners.

          Anyone been there yet since the change in mgmt?

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            I had noticed their on line menu and web site were updated, but didn't notice new owners! Someone GO and report back. CFB, you and the Mrs. want to go check it out and write about it? I'll go and write too!

            "We are proud to embrace Anna Maria and Giancarlo vision creating classics Tuscan cuisine with a contemporary twist using only the best ingredients that Italy has to offer. Wild game,freshest seafood, truffles and handmade pasta.

            We are also extremely committed in providing impeccable friendly service.

            We have been in the business for over thirty years from Beverly Hills to Vail Colorado Manhattan to Chicago we have tresured our experience and expanded our knowledge.
            Benvenuti a Saporissimo enjoy the experience.Marco & Graziano"

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              just got back from boca and saporissimo is a different place. the food is still good, though i think not as good, but i may be coloring my thoughts because i loved the show that went on with the old owner. i was told that he went back to italy. the place was packed, packed. i recall being just about the only group in the place. new decor. nobody bringing out all of the food before it is cooked and telling me about it. let's face it, it is much more like a real restaurant now, rather than a great place to go, see old friends, and eat a great meal. again, the food was good, but i am sad.

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                Aw, that makes me sad too. I don't feel compelled to go...

          2. I only went once about 2 years ago and the owner lovingly presented all his pasta shapes, explained the sauces and showed so much passion for his foods. Shame it's changed.