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Ten Tables, Cambridge or JP, is there a difference?

I'm planning to go to Ten Tables and was wondering, is there a difference in food quality between the JP restaurant and the Cambridge one?

Any must tries?

Ten Tables
5 Craigie Circle, Cambridge, MA 02138

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  1. I have only eaten at the JP one but friends that have dined in Cambridge said they would not return because IT IS SO LOUD!

    1. Anyone else out there try the JP Ten Tables and the Cambridge Ten Tables? Any difference in quality of food? What should I order?

      Ten Tables
      5 Craigie Circle, Cambridge, MA 02138

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        my understanding is that the chef at the jp location is now at the cambridge location. we haven't been to the jp location since the cambridge one opened, so can't provide the direct comparison you're asking for. i've really enjoyed the grilled octopus app, the charcuterie plate, the du breton pork chop, and many others. however, even if they keep versions of these dishes on the menu, they tweak & modify them regularly, so these recs are quite a bit out of date now.

        i've found both locations to be pretty loud, but like the jp one better, esp. if you can manage to sit at the chef's table. haven't tried the new bar they opened up in jp.

      2. I haven't been to the Cambridge one, so I can't comment on whether there is a difference in food quality. That aside, I would highly recommend the tasting menu, based on my experiences at the JP location (and friend's similar experiences at the Cambridge location).

        1. I've been to both. The service is better in JP, but the food is the same both places.

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            Just a point of clarification, Gini - I think you meant the food is the same excellent quality at both, but I think they have two different menus...

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              Yes, what Bob said. Sorry about that.

          2. The atmosphere is most definitely different. JP is more open and colorful, whereas Cambridge is darker and closed off.

            I can't fairly compare the two for food, since we ate in the Cambridge one in the off season (hard to get locally sourced vegetables) and the JP one in the summer (amazing produce!).

            1. There's no discernible variation in food quality, which I find to be excellent and a very good value, but there are some differences:

              JP: more relaxed service; a brighter, airier space; slightly lower prices. I don't know how the addition of the new bar might have changed the flavor there, as I haven't been back since it opened.

              Cambridge: a darker, closer, fancier-feeling basement space; more formal service; slightly higher prices; twice the seating; no standalone bar (though the same range of beer/wine options); tougher nearby parking.


              1. I've been to both the JP and Cambridge locations and I haven't noticed any difference in food quality. I believe the JP location has expanded so it will probably be roomier and I found it to be a bit brighter in there. The Cambridge location has a basement feel to it which makes it really dark (to the point where its a little hard to read the menu). I've loved both locations but tend to frequent the Cambridge one because it is a bit closer for me and easier to get to.