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Mar 19, 2010 01:15 PM

Flint's BBQ - Gone but not forgotten

I am a native San Franciscan making a trip to the Bay Area later this month. I hear all of the Flint's locations are closed. Anyone have any suggestions for something close to the great BBQ that was Flint's? Looking for tender meat, nice char and a good sauce. Oh and there links were to die for.

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    1. Most of their other items are forgettable but Everett and Jones has great home-made beef links, similar to Flint's, perfect with the medium sauce.

      Other than that I like Memphis Minnie's, amazing, smoky, tender 18 hour brisket that needs no sauce (which is a good thing because the sauce is just ok).

      1. E&J for links, to my taste they were always better than Flint's.

        Memphis Minnie's or T-Rex for spareribs.

        Uncle Willie's or Memphis Minnie's for brisket.

        1. Hayward Everett and Jones.

          Each location is owned and operated by a different family member, and each has its own vibe. Everett and Jones in Hayward is somewhat close to the old Flints: Bullet proof glass, a layer of old grease around. They're friendly. It's mostly take out, but there are a couple of tables inside. They don't sell drinks, but there is a soda machine well stocked with grape, orange, and strawberry soda.