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Brussels: Opinions on Chez Comme Soi, L'Alban Chambon, La Belle Maraîchère?

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My husband and I will be in Brussels for two nights, May 29 and 30. Unfortunately, the 30th is a Sunday. We were considering either of the first two restaurants for a splurge dinner on Saturday (we are staying at the Metropole, where L'Alban Chambon is located)--does anyone know anything about them? (I haven't been able to find anything on the board.) For Sunday night, has anyone heard of our other choice, or have a better recommendation? I'd really appreciate any help you can give us.


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  1. I am really hoping that you get some replies re: these restaurants as we are also visiting Brussels this summer. We have a reservation at Chez Comme Soi and would really like some positive feedback before we commit to the bottom line on the bill!

    1. My post from last fall may be of some help: