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Mar 19, 2010 12:47 PM

Please fix your auto linking. AGAIN.

Once again your auto linking feature stinks. Seems every time Chow turns it back on, chaos ensues. At least for the NYC boards.

I mentioned one as an example on your "Release 3/17" thread. Here's another example ... . The person is asking about black and white COOKIES. Not a restaurant called Black & White.

Please stop the madness from starting all over again.

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  1. And another one ... . People are talking about Macaron Day (free macarons across the city) not a restaurant called Macaron. Please fix.

    1. Another one ... Sushi of Gari and Gari are not the same thing.

      1. Here's another one - . The Westside Theater is referred to by the poster and your system links to Westside Restaurant.

        Please fix. And it would really be nice if someone would at least acknowledge the problem.

        1. Hi LNG212- thank you for the feedback, we understand that in the beginning the auto-linking was a bit rocky but believe that the recent changes made on relaxing the rules are a move in the right direction. We will be making slight tweaks, and continuous improvements, until we get to the sweet spot where links are right. But until then, users still have the option of manually choosing where the link points to, or removing them all together if they aren't right. We appreciate your patience, and your feedback, as we continue to work towards achieving the sweet spot.